Story 1: A Breakup

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"Oh you came."
"Do you not want me to come?"

He sat in front of me. He's wearing a green polo shirt. Green has always been a good color on him.

"I just— I wasn't expecting you."

Nothing. I just thought you don't want to see me anymore, after what I did.

"Nevermind. Here." I laid a big box in front of the table, he looked at it then sadly smiled.

"That's a big box." I smiled gently.
"Well, you were always at my place you know, you practically lived there."
"Yeah. Yeah I was."

Then there was a moment of silence. It looks like the both of us were reminiscing of the past. Our past.
We were together for almost 3 years until we broke it off.

I... I broke it off.

"I don't understand— Sheena, why are you—"
"I need time Mike."
"Time for what?! You're always working, during your free time you're with your workmates. I— I was patient, baby. Did I do something wrong? I—"

He looked so upset, my heart hurts. It's not his fault. He has been a good boyfriend, a perfect one actually... and that's why, that's why I'm breaking it off.

I feel like I don't deserve him, and don't judge me for saying that. I'm not making any excuse, I'm not using the cliché 'It's not me it's you' just to get out of this relationship.

It's just that... I love him so much it hurts to see that I can't prioritize him when I know he has always been prioritizing me.

Right now I'm at the point of my life where my focus is my career, and I just want to build a good future for me. You might say that I'm selfish, I feel like I am to be honest. That's why I have to let him go.

He does not deserve me. Every morning he'll call me to wake me up just to say good morning and say that he hopes I have a good day. When he has a free time from med school, he'll go to my office and bring some rd velvet cupcakes because he knows that they're my favorite. Every night he'll call to say good night even though I know that he'll be doing an all nighter just to study.

I just got promoted last month and everything is all over the place. I sometimes forget to reply to him, sometimes when he calls me during work I'll yell at him because he's interrupting me. When he goes to my office I'll just push him away. When I have free time I'll go meet new clients, or just hangout with my workmates.

But you know what's worse? He has been patient, understanding and supportive. He's happy for my promotion. He'll try to understand me if I yell at him or if I push him away and say that he knows I'm stressed and if he could only do something about it he will.

There was this one time where he failed a midterm exam and I did nothing. I didn't even ask him how he was feeling. I was being selfish, so I have to cut him off from this toxic relationship. From me.

"I'm sorry, Sheena. If I was not enough."

I stopped myself from crying in front of him. What does he mean he was not enough? He's everything I need and more.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry if we both want different things now. I'm sorry if we have different priorities. I'm sorry that I'm prioritizing my career over my love life. I'm sorry.

And now, after six months, we're here at our favorite coffee shop just right outside my condo.

"How are you?" He asked, his smile so genuine.
"I'm good. I'll be spending two weeks in Singapore for a symposium. Our company chose me as their representative actually."
"That's so good. I'm so proud of you bab—" He stopped and looked flustered. I guess d habits die hard.
"Were you about to say baby?" I teased.
"Yeah, I guess I was." He shyly admitted while he placed his hand on the back of his head while rubbing it. A habit he makes when he's feeling awkward.
"How are you?"
"I'm good actually. I'm seeing someone."


Of course. He's definitely a catch.

"Yeah." And again, silence.

"You know, I just want to say sorry. I haven't explained everything when I broke everything off. I just— I think you deserve an explanation." He looked at me and held my hand.

"You know what? Maybe a month before this, or maybe a week, or maybe three days before I would've killed for that explanation. But you know, seeing you, I got it. Sheena you're glowing, I haven't seen you this happy and contented. You're flourishing in your job, and I'm happy that you're happy. I don't need an explanation. I get it. It's for the both of us. And don't apologize, we're both in a good place now."

I can't help it. I cried. I cried in front of him. When we broke up I didnt even cry in front of him, but why am I crying now?

Even after all this time, he still tries to understand me... he still wants the best for me.

"You're perfect, Mike. The girl that you're going to end up with is so lucky to have you." He chuckled.
"But why did you let me go?"
I had to look at him if he's being serious, but he laughed right after. "Just kidding."

"You too, Sheena. You deserve everything. Too bad I can't be that everything, but remember that I'll always be your number one fan."
"And I will be yours."

We smiled at each other. Maybe we're just not meant for each other, maybe we were a long chapter of each other's lives that is essential for our story's climax.

"Bye, Sheena."
"Bye, Mike."

And this time, the ending feels right.

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