Time, to drive you mad

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My eyes jerked up to meet his dark gaze, as his massive form filled the open doorway, the wooden barrier between us had been thrown open. I stopped breathing all together under his piercing glare, which in turn filled the entire room with this thick, heavy, dreadful silence.

My head swam and my lungs screamed, as he slowly prowled towards me like a predator on the hunt, ready to go in for the kill.

His black sweatpants filled my vision as he stood before me. I sat petrified before him unable to move at all. My entire body trembled as his warm fingers dug into my chin, and tilted my head up to meet his dark orbs.

"Breathe." His silky voice commanded, as he stared me down.

I let out a low whimper, my heart felt like it might rip my chest apart at any moment, and shook my head in denial. His brows knitted together in a displeased frown, as he took in my trembling form, and his fingers loosened their grip on my chin for a mere second. That second was all I needed. I yanked my head out of his loosened grasp, and almost flew as I crawled backwards on the giant bed, and out of his reach. My mouth released this animalistic fearful sound as I darted away from him, my feet digging into the soft mattress as I desperately tried to increase the distance between the monster before me and myself. I had almost made it to the other side of the bed when the chain around my foot yanked harshly against my ankle, and I landed with my back flat against the mattress.

My wide, terrified eyes stared up at the white ceiling above as I finally managed to draw air into my burning lungs again. My shallow gasps blended with the harrowing sound of Bryan's cruel burst of laughter. 

I lay frozen on the bed like a piece of plywood, when his laughter suddenly died, and I felt the bed dip down at my feet. He was coming for me, and there was no running away. My eyes trailed down from the ceiling, and followed Bryan as he slowly crawled towards me. I took in the half amused smirk that was painted on his lips for a few seconds, before my eyes slid further down, and burned a hole through the naked flesh of his torso.

"Please..." I whimpered as his face closed in on me, and filled up my entire vision, blocking out everything else but him.

He was half way leaning over my body now. He was so close that I could not help but feel the heat radiating off of him. He was so close, and yet not one part of him was actually touching me. I swallowed hard as I watched his head tilt slightly to one side in a mock gesture.

"Please what love?" His soft voice cooed, his wicked grin growing even wider as he emphasized the last word in an almost cruel manner.

I bit down on my bottom lip to stop at least one part of my body from constantly trembling. The very air around him oozed this menacing energy, his presence threatened to drown me in it.

"P...P...Please dont hurt me.." I wheezed, as the lack of oxygen tried to pull me under, to shut my frazzled mind down.

My wide eyes fixed onto his dark orbs as they flitted across my face, as they read every inch of me like the open book I was.

"You need to calm down, or you are going to black out. You need stop taking these damn short shallow breaths of yours." His voice cut into me right before his mouth found my own in a deep passionate kiss.

His tongue invaded my mouth, and circled my own tongue, quickly forcing it into submission. He shifted on the bed, and encased my body with his own scorching flesh. He tasted fresh, of mint, a stark contrast to my own unkempt state.

His thumb and index finger found the tip of my nose, and squeezed hard, shutting off my air supply altogether. I pressed the palms of my hands desperately against the skin of his upper torso in an unsuccessful attempt to push him off of me. I needed air, and he was blocking it all off.

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