Time, to drive you mad

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Bryan did not come back for several long hours, which ment hours of nothing but sick torture. Torture that time accompanied by my very own mind unleashed upon me. The hours crept by agonizingly slow, any yet at the same time the minutes flew by way too fast. One minute gone ment one minute closer to his return, and at the same time it was also one minute longer of this harrowing, gut wrenching fear. The fear felt almost like a snake constricting around in my neck in a noose like manner. I could just feel the snake as it pierced its poison dripping fangs into the soft flesh of my skin, spreading its fast working venom. It made me sick, it twisted my already frail mind to the point of breaking. I wanted it all to be over, and at the same time I dreaded just that, the contradicting emotions ran wild inside of my haunted mind as it slowly pulled me apart. The waiting had fucked me up so bad that I had curled up into this trembling mess of a ball by the time Bryan finally returned.


The soft, almost undetectable sound of his feet making their way through the hallway outside alerted me to his return a few seconds before the man himself entered the dimly lit bedroom. I would never have picked up on the sound at all had it not been for the fact that I had been listening intently for any sign of him for the last three hours. Three long hours of being curled up into a tight, tense ball of flesh. The first hour after he left me I had spent crying, then eating, my mind distraught by the mere though of what he would do if I refused to finish the plate of food he had left for me. The next three hours I spent lying on the soft bed, as I slowly came undone.

I am more than a little displeased with you already, so do not try me on this... 

My wide, sore eyes followed his every move like a startled doe, his course was apparently already set for the bathroom. He didn't even bother to turn his blod smeared face in my direction as he made his way across the bedroom floor. My eyes glided over the previously white coveralls he had worn over his clothes, and followed a pattern of crimson splatters that trailed from his torso, down the length of his left arm, and all the way down to his hand. A hand which more or less looked like it had been dipped in this sticky thick rust red paint. Clutched tightly in his left blood coated hand was something I had never seen him use before. It was a white, faceless mask adorned with several fresh crimson splatters of blood. It looked like he had more or less showered himself in blood, and a sweet coppery scent followed in his wake as he passed me by, it was so strong that I could almost taste it in my mouth. He smelt of death, of torture, of ruin.

I let out the breath I had been holding onto from the moment the putrid scent of death attacked my nostrils, and released it the very second the door to the bathroom slammed shut behind him. I was thankful that he closed the door, it created a small, but welcome barrier between us. I sat frozen for several heartbeats before I slowly uncurled, my sore limbs was aching form being locked too long in the same unforgiving position.

I crawled over the bed, to the side that faced the bathroom, and perched nervously on the edge. My eyes were glued to the handle of the bathroom door, and my ears were straining as they listened to the muted sounds that found their way though the wooden barrier. I tensed up every time I heard a new sound coming from the bathroom, my entire body felt like a tightly wound coil stuck under too much weight, weight that threatened to crush me.

My breath came out as short shallow gasps by the time he finally turned the shower off, the horrible silence hit me in the chest like a boxers fist, robbing me of the ability to breathe normally. My hands clenched instinctively onto the bedding on each side of my thighs in a desperate attempt to brace myself for whats to come.

My vision had become impaired with these tiny black spots, and my ears had filled with this loud sound that slightly resembled the the roar of the ocean, by the time the bathroom door swung opened.

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