Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

Harry was beautiful. His eyes shut while he snored into the air of the room. His nostrils enlarged while he inhaled, and his lips lightly shook when he exhale, the jiggered breath caught at the back of his throat causing the snores to escape his mouth. His hair was out, a mess spread all over his forehead. When I get the energy too, I use my fingers to lightly swipe the loose strands off his forehead, I knew how much he hated his hair in his face when he slept.

I comb my fingers through it, not having an end goal with it but I tried keeping it all from his face. His lips clasped together when I combed through his hair, his eyes squeezing together with furrowed brows and the groan from his throat echoed through him. He lifts his head slightly, lifting his arm and stretching his legs when I leave my hand back onto the bed.

When he finally rests back down he hums and blinks his eyes to the morning sun, he lips over his gums and teeth cleaning away the gross overnight tastes. When he lands his eyes on me he scans my face and he lightly smiles, rummaging his hand through the covers till he brings them up to our chins and he rests his hand back onto my waist.

His fingers being to rub small scribbles on my waist and his other hand was behind me, resting on my shoulders were his arm wrapped around me. I cuddled into him, keeping the warmth between us. His chest was heavy against my cheek as he took his breaths. His eyes skimmed my head, I could tell he was looking at my bun, it always poked interest for him.

'Your hairs a mess.' His rough, sleep toned voice grumbled out. I watch him speak when I go to rub some sleep from his inner corner. His hand grabs at my bun and lazily wiggles it, I groan in frustration already getting on my nerves in the morning. I flick his hand away with mine and I interlock my fingers with them hanging them over my shoulder.

I kept my dry mouth shut, he knew I never liked talking in the mornings. Not straight away when I wake up anyways. But he seemed to have no problem with it. 'You look so pretty.' He grumbles again. I lift my free finger to his lips and lay them over his pink lips. I hummed him to silence and he obeyed by kissing my finger gently.

We laid there till he lifts himself up, leaning on his elbows and hovers my upper torso. I follow his actions moving onto my back, staring back up to him. 'Absolutely stunning.' He mumbles, his voice growing back to its usual state. He drops his head kissing my still lips. He parts them for me and runs his tongue over mine.

'Gorgeous.' He mumbles breaking the kiss for the one word then begins kissing me again, deeper his time, moving his tongue to me more, discovering areas that were undiscovered since the last time we did this. I lift my hand cupping his cheeks, keeping his lips in line with mine.

'So...beautiful.' He kisses me again squeezing at my waist. The kiss was deep, so deeply intensifying every second. It was the early morning sloppy kisses that made little pop noises when out lips left one another and the ones that get you energized for the day. The sentimental kisses that made the bond grow stronger, and he felt so good against mine.

'' he moans in-between kisses unable to finish his sentence when I keep him quiet with my lips rubbing against his. He releases licking his lips softly, ' the shower.' I couldn't understand the people who shower in the morning. Where did the energy and the interest come from? I look up at him, his sleepy eyes hopeful at my answer.

My phone beings to ring beside me and when I eye it over, Harry groans loudly in frustration as he huffs and falls next to me on the bed. I kiss his cheek and lean over and see REAL Audrey Hepburn on the screen. I answer keeping my face the only face on the screen. Her face appears and she was covered in a facial mask, what it seemed like to me was some moisturising one considering her dry, dry skin.

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