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Today's weather feels much better than yesterday so Irene decided to take a walk at a park. The cold wind breeze through her pale skin, her hair flew on the air, preventing the sight of her. She insert her hair onto the back of her right ear so it won't bother her sight anymore.

She bought a can of Sprite minutes ago and took a seat on a bench afterwards. She was staring deeply at the scenery of the blue lake, not-so-high beautiful mountains and a flock of birds flying through the white clouds.

She looked around her to the people, mostly a lot of couples passing by her, reminded her of Jimin's words which suddenly popped up on her mind.

"Find a fake boyfriend."


It took moments for her to reply him back, she blinked severally to process what she just heard.

"Hello no, Jimin. He will kill that 'fake boyfriend' instead of me for sure. I gotta get one more huge burden."

"I don't think so, Irene." Jimin stated.

"What do you mean?" she impatiently look forwards to the next words of his.

"Maybe Jin looks like a criminal for us but we never heard he killed people before. Yes, he dare to hurt others but I'm sure he's not bear to make people died, especially a special person like you. Jin still loves you, I know he won't dare to hurt and even kill you."

She sighed, "But things can really turn upside down without our awareness, Jimin. We don't know his other evil sides. Maybe he had killed many people before silently without we know.

They both locked their gaze onto each other's and look more serious than before.

"He's mean, Jimin. He's not a fucking human. I don't want to mess up my own life again." she continued, massaging her head like she had a headache but not.

Jimin just froze on his seat without saying anything at first. He chewed his bottom lips and stared at the floor. He took seconds to glance at her before dragging his eyes to the floor back.

"At least we try." he convinced.

She ran her hair to the back, revealing a kind of pathetic face, "I- I don't know, I'm just a burden to you."

He shook his head in disagree and hold her hands tightly. "No-Irene, I never felt that way. Just follow my idea, okay? I guaranteed you it well help us out. If it isn't, I promised to seek for other ideas, better, than this."

Irene avoided his gaze and just kept facing the floor. She felt a little bit guilty inside her.

She snapped back from her mini daydream with her hands still holding the can of Sprite she bought earlier.

Damn Jimin, where the hell do I find a fake boyfriend?

She thought for a second before she looked down to her phone, it's 6:46 p.m. already and the sky has turned redish. How fast time flies that day.

Before she could take a step to go home, someone accidentally hit her back, making her fell on he ground. She hissed in pain, blowing her bleeding elbow to ease the pain.

"Oh shit— my phone, ahh."

Irene tried to look at the person who hit her. The man was in all black, the hoodie, the cap and the mask that hid his face so she can't see his face clearly. He slightly turned to Irene but turned around back as he don't give a single fuck.

"Yah—wait, aren't you gonna help- ah why the hell people are being rude nowadays."

Irene mumbled to herself, holding back her pain on her right elbow and checking her scratched phone. It's truly hurt but not as much as her feeling.

She just kept groaning and yelling by herself, grabbing attention from the street people and they started to give her a questionable look. The pain on her elbow, no words could describe how hurt it is.

After one problem, there come another problem into her life. It might look like it's not a big deal but having a scars on her beautiful pale skin, well she just couldn't accept it. She deadly took care of her skin for years to rise the confidence level of her beauty, but then someone just casually hit her and causing ugly scars on her.

She took a deep breath and glared for one last time to the guy who hit her recently, he has been walked away, further from her sight but she could still see his figure.

"See you in hell, all-in-black guy."

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