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The day's gonna be one fine day, she thought, but the house suddenly fulled with mixed feelings; anger, fear. To make it short, she pissed off and fed up. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath before exhaled heavily.

"Stop calling me, you bitch." Irene warned the man before she ended the call.

"That guy again?"

Jimin from the other side approached her as he walked out from the kitchen and sat next to her.

It's weekend, Irene decided to stay at Jimin's house. Well, it's like a daily routine for her since both of them are best friends and Jimin wouldn't mind even if she spend whole days in his house. After all, he felt empty being in this house alone.

"Yeh it's Jin. I had no idea how the hell he know my new number. I guess I should change it again, goddamnit."

Jimin just giggled silently, leading Irene turned to him curiously.

"What's so funny?" she asked in irritated tone.

He covered his mouth to hold back his laughter, "Don't you know how cute you look when you curse." Jimin squeezed her cheeks lightly, making Irene flinched on her seat.

"It's not even funny, Jimin." she glanced to him and stared at her phone back.

"Yes it is."

"Fuck no"

"Fuck yes."

She sighed and gave a deep horrible glare to him which Jimin scared the most but he could care less as he just continued giggling and grinning.

"For God sake can you be serious for once. At least, give me an idea how to vanish him from my life."

By the times, he bit his lips to prevent himself from laughing so hard. He cleared his throat and adjusted his seat so that he could face Irene. He exhaled heavily.

"Irene, you know sometimes he can be a fully dangerous man ever, right? Yeah, you can simply warned him every single times but I'm pretty sure you can never stop him. He can do anything he wants including..."

She didn't even blink and stared at Jimin as she patiently waited for him to finish his words.

"...hurting you."

All he said was true. Jin will do anything to get what he wants despite the risks.

Jimin leaned his back onto the chair back and sipped a cup of tea as he handed the other a cup of hot chocolate milk.


The atmosphere was full of silence. Both of them shut their mouth for awhile. Irene keep sighing and sighing until Jimin finally spill his words,

"Can I ask you something?"

"Hm?" She furrowed her eyebrows with question look.

"Well, I know you guys have broken up long time ago— but how? And why must he's looking for you now? There must be something that he's not settled down yet."

Irene licked her dry lips to moisten it and avoid her gaze with Jimin. She played with her fingers before she parted her mouth,

"He's married, Jimin."

He widened his eyes as he in disbelief and almost dropped the cup from his hands but gladly he managed to catch it first. "Are you serious? But when? Why I didn't know?"

She sighed, "I broke with him because he's already married but he said he can divorce his wife and marry me instead. But fuck no, I will never mess up others life. Besides, I moved on. I know I can't put my trust on him. Now he's looking for me because he wants me back, but I refused. I heard his wife died because of depression, right before she could gave birth." she stated again with shaky voice and tried hard to hold back the tears.

Jimin stayed calm and nodded his head lightly as he understood the situation, "So that's why he become more aggresive or, more to a rogue now?"

Irene shrugged, "I guess."

For real, she really can't stand how bad her life goes on. After Jin came into her life, he thought he will be the prince in her life, and her as the princess, but it turned out of her expectation. At the end, she believed it's all just like a fairy tales and she shouldn't trust for hundred percent.

"Interesting love story." Jimin rubbed his chin and took a sip again of his tea.

"But tragic." she corrected him.

Jimin got up from his seat and headed to the window next to them. He stared for moment at the scenery out of his house, but his mind keep thinking about his bestfriend's problem.

He turned around, looking at Irene with the cup still on his hand. "So, what's your plan?"

"What plan?" she gave him another questionable look.

"To vanish him from your life, as you just said."

Irene shrugged again and lower her head as she immediately digging any ideas to solve this shits.

At the same times, she was hoping that Jimin also had an idea at least, to help her with this Jin problem. Although he looks like an idiot sometimes but she believed Jimin has this genius mind in another way that other people couldn't get.

For 10 minutes straight, they both were silent. She was in deep thought so does him. She massaged her head, not because she was having headache but to force her braincells to at least working harder for this time.

"I got it!"

She got startled as Jimin said it out loud in excitement, signalling that he got an idea. She looked at him impatiently with 'what is it' look. Jimin rushed next to her again, leaning closer to Irene and gulped his saliva.

"Find a fake boyfriend." he whispered into her earlobe.


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