Chapter 10

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'LOVE SHOT' has seriously messed up my tempo! The choreo is killing me. And then, what's better than to watch a bunch of shirtless handsome guys! ;)

~~~What is your fav comeback of 2019?

P.s  For those who haven't figured it out yet, my new character is GOT7's vocalist : Park JinYoung. Jut thought I should mention :)


The first snow fell in the beginning of December and so did the next Football match of our campus. I think it's a pretty bad idea to play in so cold but who would listen to me when I'm always so against it. For me, it's a big task to even move a finger in winters let along play a whole match is death for me. But still Christmas was nearing and I was excited to finally return home. 

Chanyeol and his team were practicing like crazy. Though he still had enough time to tease me about JinYoung. He was so sure that we were going to hit it off. Well, I must say JinYoung was a fine man. Recently we've been running on each other in the library a lot. And the more I talk to him the more I feel that we get along so well. He had started to hang out with us which made it easier to see more of him. Just yesterday, he praised me in front of the entire class that how well I had prepared the assignment. 

"Isn't he awfully gorgeous?" Yumi whispered in my ear at breakfast.

I raised my eyebrows at her. "Says the girl who just celebrated an anniversary with her own boyfriend."

She giggled. "I'm still allowed to do that." I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

"I think I don't understand Chanyeol sometimes." She suddenly blurted out.

"Only sometimes?" I asked.

"No I'm serious. Everybody knows that he used to have feelings for you. He was so open about it. And then he's suddenly shipping you with Jinyoung. Don't you think that's weird?" Yumi wondered.

"That's because he never was serious with me. Come on, I told you that he said it himself. Plus, he's the one who introduced me to Jinyoung. Why would he do that if he felt otherwise?" I reasoned with her trying to make sense.

"Exactly. Either he's a very good actor and trying to bury his feelings or he was fooling around since the start."

I nudged her to leave this topic because the the trio along with JinYoung slipped beside us. Surprisingly Yoori didn't hangout with them that often now. 

"Thanks. I loved it. Your choice is amazing." Jinyoung said handing me a book that I had lent him. I smiled nodding at him.

"How was practice?" Yumi asked.

"Pretty good. JinYoung did exceptionally well today." Chanyeol commented slapping his back brotherly. "I knew it. I don't choose losers for my team."

JinYoung smiled and replied. "I hope we all do well. I'm the new player and I've heard people looking forward to how I'll play. So either they will worship me by the end of the match or force me to live in a toilet."

"Oh you'll do fine. No one forced me to live in toilet when I lost a match. Though I would have died before they did that. Oh dear, toilet water would have ruined my perfect complexion." Baekhyun said thoughtfully who, although, had wanted to encourage his teammate but ended up thinking about himself.

"You really can't resist admiring yourself, can you?" I shook my head.

"Don't mind him." Junmyun said. "He's just jealous."

"Of?" I asked.

"Of your beautiful skin, of course." Jinyoung complimented me. I tried not to blush though the look on Chanyeol and Yumi's face was far too amused to ignore.

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