Love Problems: A Miraculous Ladybug Fan Fiction (Annie_Moon2001)

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Reviewer: Annie_Moon2001

Author: fangirlfantasizing

Cover: 8½/10

Beautiful. Cute. But I think it could use a little more work.

Description/Summary: /10

The description was off to a great start. I felt like you were repeating yourself when you said, "After all, love is a very complicated thing." You can try changing it to something like, "After all, her love life is very complicated."

Also, there are some words you used that are really not the right fit in the places they are in. Noticed a lot of tense shifts. The second paragraph is a bit confusing. Why threaten Chloe to reveal Marinette's secret identity. I mean Marinette hates Chloe. Try to throw a little light on that.

Finally, like I said earlier on you tend to repeat things. It may not be obvious but when you try to shorten the description a bit, you'll understand. The way you we're drawing each sentences made the description a bit too long.

Chapter Review: 7/10

It's really interesting. I noticed a lot of grammatical errors. Some paragraphs weren't properly organized. There were situations where I was a bit confused on how I got there.I'm really excited to see if and how Marinette would be able to profess her love. Christopher's reaction and possibly his connection with Mari's BFF. *wink*

Activity of the Writer: 9/10

The writer is active on both her conversation and comment box.

Plot: 9/10

This book is really interesting. Even if someone has no idea of this fandom, they'd be able to easily understand it. I'm really excited to see what's to come and I'll recommend this book to wattpad readers.

Overall Advice:

I'll advice that you do a little touch up on your cover. Also, I believe that you should thoroughly edit your description because it needs work. You can try to eliminate those words that made it unnecessarily long. Work on your grammar. Focus a bit more on your tenses. Finally, it'd be great if you edit your book. Take note of your grammar and tenses.

That all aside, I'll rate this book an 8/10.

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