Chapter 20

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1 week later.

Tiffany is in her room on facetime with jessica. "Did you tell matt yet?" Jessica asks. "No, I don't know how to tell him" tiffany says as she puts her phone on her bed and walks over to her dresser and starts to look for an outfit.

"All you gotta say is, I'm pregnant with your child, it's not that hard" jessica replies. "okay, I'll tell him later today" she grabs her some sky blue booty shorts with a white tank top and black socks as she changes her outfit.

"girl tell him now, not later" jessica says as tiffany walks back over to her phone picking it up. "alright, I'll tell him now, wish me luck" "bye" tiffany hangs up the phone then walks downstairs in the living room where matt and Anthony both are.

"might as well tell them both" she whispers to herself as anthony turns around to her.
"hey" anthony says as matt looks up at her and smiles. "hi, I need to speak to you both about something" she sits on the couch. "what is it?" anthony pauses the TV and turns to her.

"okay well um" she stops as she looks down at her feet and breathes in and out. "the day me, jessica and Rachel went out to the movies and to eat we didn't really do that" she looks up at them both. "that's what you wanted to tell us? we been knew that" anthony replies.

"no, there's more" she pauses and takes another deep breath then continues "I was feeling sick so we decided to go to the doctor and I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant" anthony mouth drops as matt stares at her "are you serious?" anthony asks.

"yes" she takes another deep breath as matt and anthony's expression changes. Matt stands as he walks over to her and grabs her face kissing her. "I love you" he gets on his knees in front of her "why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I don't know, I think i was just scared of how you would react"

"I love you, I'm gonna be by your side through everything" he grabs her face kissing her again as anthony stands and walks over to her hugging her. "I'm happy for you both, even though you basically stole my bestfriend away from me" they all laugh.

Later around 7:30pm tiffany is in her room laying down cuddling with Matt. "how about me and you move in together" matt suggests as tiffany turns to him. "really?" she laughs. "I'm serious tiffany" he pauses the TV "me and you both love each other and now we got a baby on the way, we might as well just move in with eachother"
Tiffany sits up as she starts to think about it.

"I don't know, give me some time to think about it"


2 weeks later at 4:30pm

Summer break is over so now it's time for me to go back home.

Tiffany starts packing up all of her stuff as matt watches her. "don't leave me" he stands as he walk over to her grabbing some of her clothes and puts it behind his back. "I have to" she continues packing as he grabs her suitcase.

"No you don't, you're old enough to make your own decisions"

"I know just let me finish packing and I'll think about what I wanna do" she grabs the clothes from him then puts it in the suitcase as he sits back down. 10 minutes later she finishes packing as he helps her carry her stuff downstairs then she sits on the couch.

There's a knock on the door as Anthony stands and opens it and jessica, rachel, jeff, alexis and drew walks inside. "I heard you had to leave today so we all came over to spend some time with you before you left" jessica smiles as she walks over to tiffany. "aw, that's nice" tiffany hugs all of them as they sit.

"I hope you made up your mind about staying over here" rachel says. "exactly, I'm gonna miss you alot" jessica replies as she crosses her arms. Tiffany phone begins to ring as she looks down at it and sees her mom is calling.

"it's mom" tiffany says to anthony as she stands and walks into the kitchen. "hi ma" she answers. "hey sweetie, what time you leaving and coming back home?" tiffany turns around and looks at all of her friends sitting in the living room talking as she walks off upstairs.

"mom, I think I wanna move over here with anthony, since I no longer have school I can spend time with him and just come visit you, lisa and britt whenever" her mom pauses for a while then speaks. "where is this coming from? why do you wanna leave all of a sudden?"

"mom please don't be mad at me but, I'm 8 weeks pregnant"


"his name is matt, he's Anthony best friend, we both love each other though which is why I wanna stay over here with him" her mom doesn't say nothing for a few seconds then speaks up "I- , I'm happy for you sweetie, you're old enough and can do whatever you want so go ahead" tiffany expression changes from scared to relieved.

"thank you ma, I'll be there soon" she smiles. "see you hunny" she hangs up and walks back downstairs joining everyone.

"Well good news, I'm staying!" "Yay!" jessica jumps up running towards tiffany and hugs her as everyone else hugs her. "I just gotta go get the rest of my stuff from my moms"

"Okay so I'll take you" Anthony says as he puts his coat on. "we're all going, I wanna meet your mom!" Jessica says as she walks over to the door. "okay" tiffany laughs as they all walk out the door and squeezes into Anthony car as he drives off.

I have everything I want. I have matt, I have some new friends and now I'm gonna have a baby in a few months, life couldn't be better.


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