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My heart pounded with threats of breaking my rib cage. Vision seeped through my blindness; returning the colour white, other hues and tones. I was cold, wet and trembling involuntarily.

"He's going into a seizure." I heard a rushed voice over my head. "His breathing's stopped. Damn it!"

There was a sensation of a mouth covering mine; air was forced into my windpipe at the same time my chest was being pumped to restore blood flow to my body.

Eventually warmth and self-control returned to me. I saw electrostatic grey space holding back a horde of demons trying to force their way through the cloudy atmosphere.

"I'm back." I laid still to reclaim my senses.

"Damn it! They're seizing again!" I recognised Brystagg's voice to my left.

I managed to force my head to the side, so I could see what was going on. 

Brystagg and Colin were trying to contain the Aueralius Brothers' seizing bodies, so they couldn't cause damage to themselves. Trix and Leinard were out of the primary core, but convulsing about the floor near me. I was worried by the sight of Leinard's eyes rolling back within their sockets.

"Damn it!" Brystagg shouted out his spell. "Lasai lasai, askatu bere erregealdia!" 

Blue starlight descended over the brothers, making their skin glow a bluish-white. They stopped seizing, but were still unconscious.

I recalled Bulldog's lessons of stillness and allowing my instincts to control my actions. I dragged myself to Leinard and Trix, placed my hands over them and said words that came from my heart.

Lat revertetur ad me amor perdidit. Amica mea revertetur ad me.

The blue light transitioned to green, which grew bright and pulsated throughout the brothers' bodies.

"Et revertetur," I whispered. One final call to bring them back.

Any ego links that were tied to the brothers vanished. The green light returned colour and restored some fluids back to them before burning out with a blinding flash.  When my sight readjusted to the regular lighting of the Lotus Bridge, I saw stirred movements from their bodies.

"Thank heavens." Brystagg let out a sigh of relief.

"Famine. I sorry. I know you're still recovering, but your brother is on his last ounce of chi."

I glanced to the primary core and saw Death looking ragged within the trunk of gold light. He was still standing, barely. If he were to collapse when the core was still damaged, all our efforts would be for nothing.

I forced myself, unsteadily, to my feet and dragged myself to stand next to him; miraculously not touching the spinning coins to tip the platform. He held my arm to keep me steady and sound within the trunk. Gold light was able to sustain our bodies and keep us propped up for the time being.

"Well done Baby Brother." Death swallowed. "Let's finalise this."

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