A Potion Gone Wrong (Poly!Heathers + Veronica)

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Potion Fail AU:

Plot: Heather McNamara and Veronica Sawyer are in their potion class. However, when a potion goes wrong and Heather has a...change, Veronica has to make an antidote. It's kind of hard to do that when her girlfriend is currently a centaur-reindeer hybrid and is begging for power. Unable to keep her distracted alone, she calls for backup from her other girlfriends.

Ship: Poly!Heathers + Veronica.

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Side note: I started writing this at midnight. Stopped at one am. Then I woke at four for some reason, and finished it right now, which is 6:30am. This is the longest oneshot I've written.



Veronica beamed at Heather McNamara, one of her girlfriends. Science was one of the only subjects she was in the same set as her. Science was also one of her top subjects, and one of her favorites aswell. She glanced over at her girlfriend, who she'd out in charge of adding ingredients to the potion they were making. They were supposed to make a Christmas potion - as the name suggests, it's supposed to choose one thing to change to a Christmas version of itself. They had never anticipated what'd happen if it landed on a human. Unfortunately, Mac was the victim of it this time.

“Hey, Heather~~” Ram taunted, holding the potion above the blonde's head, as Veronica sighed, looking up from her textbook that she was currently reading through for the umpteenth time for answers to certain questions on the worksheet, to no avail so far. Mac continued to try to hop for it.

“Ram,” Veronica exhaled slowly, “Don't you have anything better to do?”

“Well, I could do you if you'd prefer that~~” He grinned seductively. The brunette couldn't help but cringe, shuddering at the thought of anyone but McNamara touching her like that. He continued to taunt the small cheerleader, until she had enough, and slammed her elbow into his gut, causing him to drop the small glass vial onto arguably nicest of the Heathers.

There was a bright light. No one could see anything, and there was a little giggle before it all cleared up, and Veronica couldn't believe what she saw.

Heather McNamara.

Was a centaur. But not just an ordinary centaur.

A centaur-reindeer hybrid. She even had a pair of antlers, and a red nose! The blonde looked hungry. Veronica recognized it as power hungry. It honestly reminded her of Heather Duke, which put her off slightly, “Mac…?” She asked, hesitantly, and even more so shocked when the girl galloped over, grinning. She seemed to have no memory of the potion being put on her. Veronica knew she needed to make an antidote, so she called her other partners. Good thing this was an after school club. Though, she knew Ram was only there because he was either forced or just so he could try to get into Mac's pants. Mac, meanwhile poked an empty glass beaker, her lil’ bushy tail wagging, as she tapped it repeatedly, distracted to Veronica's relief as she dialed.

“Vee? You two are still at the nerd club, right?” Chandler answered. Veronica sighed with relief.

“Love you too,” She chuckled wryly, “Are you with Duke?”

“Yeah, I'm here, V. What's up? If you say the ceiling, I'm going to punch you in the throat,” Duke snarkily commented, as Chandler sighed. Veronica chuckled nervously.

“I uh, need some help.. Can you get here?”

“We can make it in about fifteen. Why?”

“You'll see, just please, get here, Ram fucked our experiment up and...you really need to see this.” The brunette sighed, watching Ram try to creep to the door, “Where are you going?” She barked. The jock chuckled nervously, as Veronica signed off her phone, placing it back in her pockets, as Mac wandered around the room on her new limbs. Ram looked at Mac then Veronica.

Then Mac.

Then Veronica.

“Oh look, a bird!” He pointed at the window, before escaping out the classroom door, dashing off. The brunette sighed, as Mac of course fell for it.

“Where?!” She asked, looking out of the window. Veronica sighed shutting the door, picking up the remains of the potion and putting it in the sink, before going through her textbook on the knowledge of the ingredients, noting some things down. She was about to get started, when Mac's arms slid around her, “Hey, Ron-Ron~” She practically purred, as Veronica blushed.

This was gonna take a while.


There was a knock on the classroom door, then a voice that obviously belonged to Heather Chandler, “Vero? Mac?” She asked. Veronica had managed to distract the centaur-reindeer hybrid with crayons and an activity book she always carried around for the yellow Heather, as she wandered over to the door, opening it. She exposed the two teens wearing their casual ripped jeans, t-shirts and hoodies matching their blazers, unlike Veronica and McNamara, who were wearing their school outfits. Chandler had her freckles exposed, and her glasses and beanie on. Duke grinned.

“Hey, babs. Come in and help me, please,” Veronica let them both in, again hitting and locking the door once more, as Duke and Chandler turned to her, having caught sight of Mac, who was in her own little world.

“What happened?” Duke asked. The other brunette merely chuckled.



“...And now she's power hungry, and she's also really cuddly. Duke, can you help me make an antidote, and Chan, can you keep Mac over there?” Both of the teens nodded, as Chandler sighed.

“I have found a new reason to hate that boy,” She sighed, before walking over to Mac who instantly hugged her, tightly. As Duke and Veronica worked, Chandler kept chatting to Mac, and hugging her. She also played with the blonde's fluffy tail, to her annoyance.

“Chan!” The yellow cladded girl whined.


“Stop playing with my tail!” She ordered like a five year old who was trying convince her they were an adult. She couldn't help but grin. Mac smirked, “Or I'll do worse.”


“Freckled Strawberry!” The red girl groaned at the pet name, as Mac repeated it constantly. She huffed.

“Stop that,” She blushed, exposing her freckles more, not helping her situation in the slightest. The other blonde merely grinned, poking her nose, and Chandler responded by flicking her antlers.

“Owww, hey!” She pouted, salty, before her face lit up again when the strawberry blonde brought her into a hug.

Meanwhile, Veronica and Duke had almost got the antidote. It smelled and looked like shite, but they had to convince the freckled centaur to drink it, somehow, as Duke coughed awkwardly, “So, Mac, wanna play a game?” The blonde in question grinned childishly.

“Sure, Dukie!” Mac beamed. Duke cringed at the nickname, as she continued, Chandler letting go of the bubbly girl-centaur thing.

“Okay, great,” Duke smiled slimly, handing her the vial.

“It's called, ‘Woman up and drink this’,” Veronica grinned. The red Heather chuckled.

“Nice use of that term, you bisexual feminist,” She commented, as Mac stared into it.

“Are you sure?” the yellow clad girl asked. The other three nodded. She sighed, “Okay..” She downed it, and almost after she changed back to normal, and Chandler caught her, as she giggled.

“I think we may have accidentally gotten her drunk with that,” Veronica chuckled nervously. Chandler blinked.

“Well, fuck.”

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