Sweet Dreams

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Creed yawned a bit, stretching as he sat up and leaned over the edge of the bed. Few nightmares tonight, yet sleep eluded him. He didn't want to wake Skylar, though. She was sleeping so peacefully, he didn't want to interrupt that.

He just wished his own body would recognize that it was 0300 and he didn't have to be up for anything. He could sleep in if he wanted to. He just needed to go back to sleep. Yet that seemed impossible.

He sighed and looked around the dark room, then got up and moved to the window, looking out over the dark city. It looked so unfamiliar, but not menacing.

He stood there a moment the padded silently back to the bed and crawled under the cover's again. He closed his eyes, trying to force himself asleep. It didn't work, so he crawled a little closer to Skylar and wrapped her up in his arms. Maybe he just needed to hold his wife so they could both rest peacefully. He closed his eyes and laid there for a while before realizing that wasn't working either.

Mentally growling in frustration he stayed where he was but looked around the dark room, tracing all the walls and lines and pictures with his eyes. He got through everything and snuggled closer to Skylar. He felt her burrow into his arms and smiled, kissing her head gently. He wrapped her up tight and closed his eyes again.

Still nothing.

Sighing, he realized he probably wasn't going to get much more sleep, so he contented himself with simply holding Skylar close and thinking about what he would do for his week off. He ran his schedule in his head, settling into the warmth of the blanket and Skylar sleeping beside him. Then eventually, he drifted back to sleep.

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