Chapter One

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"Dad! I'm here!" I held the strap of my school bag, opening the door to my dad's door. He's been in the hospital for a while now. Dad's been getting weaker every day, to the point that he doesn't talk very much.

I put my bag down next to the door. No response. I walk in front of Dad, a little worried. I felt a negative atmosphere in the room. I shake Dad a little, feeling his skin an unusual cold.

"D-dad? Dad?! Dad! Dad, no!" I ran outside, calling for a doctor. About five people rush into Dad's room, without even letting me in. I start crying, knowing what had just happen.

No. I don't want to lose him yet. I didn't even finish the game with Dad yet. It feels like all the pain I have ever felt rushed towards me at rhe same time.

A doctor comes out, looking at me sadly. I could tell by the look of his face that Dad had now dissapeared from my life. He was too sick to live anyway. Another day, he would have suffered too much.

I ran out the hospital, not wanting to see his empty body. I passed a park, the neighborhood. I ran past an officer, who was screaming at two cars. I see the police tape, which was useless.

Running past the police tape, I run into the woods behind it. There was a path that led to a waterfall. It was dangerous for the citizens, as there were places you can get hurt. I already memorized the place, so I don't get injured often.

I sit on the ground, hugging my knees as I cry. This shouldn't have happened. He was healthy not so long ago! Mom doesn't even come home often, always overworking herself.

Leaves shuffling was heard from behind me. I hear a feminine voice quietly say my name. It was too familiar not to know who it was.

"Noelle?" I hear Susie say quietly. I turned, seeing Susie in slightly ripped clothing, as well as a few scratches. "Noelle, are you alright?"

"S-susie? No, are you alright? It looks like you've been hurt?" I wipe my tears away as Susie looks at herself for a moment. I hadn't cried enough for my eyes to be red and puffy, so I look normal.

"I got hurt while chasing after you. You were crying? I see tear streaks on your face." Susie walks up to me, giving me a hug. It felt comforting. Warm, like my dad's hugs.

I couldn't hold it in. I bursted out in tears, attempting to explain what happened. Susie somehow understands, letting me stain her shirt with tears.

A few hours pass by. I was half asleep, Susie by my side. We were chatting a bit, just to distract each other with positive messages. The waterfall was so pretty at sunset. Stars had slowly appeared, as the sun layed beneath the water.

I laid on Susie's shoulders, too tired to care. My vision faded to black, as I fall asleep.

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