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Anonymous POV

*beep*   *beep*

Where am I?

*beep*   *beep*


As I slowly open my eyes I see nothing but a small room. I was in a bed with a hospital gown as clothing and there were machines constantly beeping. There were two windows to my left but outside was nothing but a black painted sky with stars. What's going on?

When I tried to get up I instantly felt a bunch of pain from the waist down as well as my back. My head hurt as if it was run over by a truck, and my hands had all sorts of cuts. I settled myself back down on the comfy bed and just stared into space when I saw a clipboard.

I sat back up and reached towards it not caring about how my hands hurt from grasping it. As I looked at the paper I couldn't help but notice a name. It immediately caught my eye.

Old name: Lee Donghyuck

I wasn't sure if my eyes were messing with me or it was reality. They're changing my name?!
I read it again and was about to say it until a stranger came into the room. "Boss he's awake" he said into the walkie talkie. "Perfect" the boss said.

"Is this true?!" I glared at him. "Huh?"  He looked confused. "You're changing my name?! You bastards I'll-"

"Your dad" I shut up. "What do you mean my dad?" I scoffed at his attempt to making sense. "Boss said that we use to call him that, since your his son and Sun we decided to pass it down"

"He used to call me that" his eyes were close to tears. "h-" before he could finish he sobbed.

"Hey hey hey! It's okay just say it slowly" Donghyuck looked at him and cleared his throat.

"Now tell me young man, what's your name?" He smirked confidently at Donghyuck.


*・゜゚・*:....:*'(*゚▽゚*)'*:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

Third person POV
"Wake up sleeping beauty" Ten rubbed his eyes sitting up. He groaned because of his back but still managed to sit up. He saw Mark, Jeno, Jaemin, and Chenle sitting in front of him or against the wall.

"Ugh my head feels like shit" Ten held his head and closed his eyes trying to get used to the pain (that sounded weird >. >)

"Yeah well you took one hell of a fall" Ten looked back up at him noticing how they stared at his hair.

"Um guys"


"Why do you keep staring at my hair?" They all looked at each other other until Mark pulled his phone out showing the camera. Ten's eyes widened, "AHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE HELL?!" Ten stared at his reflection. "WHERES MY HAIR?!" Everyone laughed.

"Relax hyung it's just hair dye, maybe the police station did it to get you ready" Mark giggled. Ten sighed "I guess?"

 Ten sighed "I guess?"

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