Chap. 30

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Adam Watson

Terrence was calling me for the third time.

I silenced my phone, shoving it into my back pocket as I stepped up to the counter.

Security at the airport had a series of unspoken rules. But one of the biggest ones was to never be the person that held up the line behind you.

I wordlessly handed the TSA worker my boarding pass and license. After a few moments of looking between me and my license, and then between my license and my boarding pass, she scribbled on it and handed it back to me.

Now I still had to wait in the endless security line.

I was hesitant to play on my phone, as I didn't want to accidentally answer one of Terrence's many calls or texts.

There was only one person I wanted to talk to. And I had to hop on a plane in order to do it.

I pulled on my wireless headphones, opting to listen to music as I weaved my way through the security line.

Another airport expectation, always have your laptop and electronics out of your bag before you get to the scanner. Don't be that person.

I could vaguely hear the TSA agent shouting the same line repeatedly as I made my way up to the conveyor belt.

Poor guy. No way in hell could I do his job, dealing with morons day in and day out.

I lose my temper just by dealing with Terrence.

My duffel bag slid through security with ease, as did I.

A pat down would've just been the icing on the fucking cake of my week.

I grabbed myself a coffee from Starbucks before taking a seat in one of the plastic, hardback chairs that the airport had to offer.

Twenty minutes until my flight starts boarding.

I pulled out my phone, swiping across the screen to answer Terrence's incoming phone call.


Terrence let out a loud, annoyed huff. "For fuck's sake, Adam."

"Why are you blowing my phone up?"

"Where the hell are you?" Terrence demanded. "You just disappeared off the face of the fucking Earth. I was worried about you."

I figured he would be. "I needed to do this."

"Do what?" he demanded. "You disappeared in the middle of the night, disabled your location, and dropped off the face of the Earth for hours. All to do what exactly?"

I owed Terrence a lot more. A lot more of an explanation. A lot more of a friendship. A lot more of everything.

I don't understand why he put up with such a shitty friendship.

But today I wasn't going to make that any better.

"I'll explain everything when I get back, okay? I just need some time to sort things out."

He let out an exasperated sigh. "The fuck are you talking about, Adam? What the fuck is going on?"

"I'm sorry. Just trust me."

And with that I hung up.

I knew I'd pissed him off. And I'd give him the explanation he deserved after I was finished.

Michael deserved my explanation first.

My brother had been on the forefront of my mind since walking out of that AA meeting. Listening to the hipster girl talk about losing contact with her family, about how unbothered she'd been about it until now, I realized I couldn't afford to do that too.

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