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"Father. Their has been a dark presence putting out the Eternal Flame of Olympus." Hestia warns Lord Zeus.

"I've noticed." The Lord of the Skies watched the fire pit in the middle of throne room grow dimmer.

"What are we going to do? Without the flame, Olympus will fall!" Hestia cried.

"I know. I think it's time we... call for help from a much more ancient power than ours. A power from before the Eternal Flame was ever even lit." Zeus sighed.

"You don't mean... But father, us Greeks never got along with them! And our children could cause a war between the two sides if something wrong is said." Hestia worried.

"I see how big of a risk it is, but it's our only chance against something that is strong enough to put out the Eternal Flame." Zeus said. "I will contact them myself. Hestia you are dismissed."

Zeus walked over to a floating bowl full of water that Hecate and Poseidon had created for Iris Messages. He tapped the edge of the bowl and the water instantly started spraying water up into the air, creating mist.

"O' Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow, please except my offering." Lord Zeus tossed a golden drachma into the mist and it disappeared. "Show me Ra, Egyptian King of the Gods and God of the Sun."

The mist turned into a mirror-like surface then shimmered and showed the face of an old frail man with no hair. He was holding a Crook and Flail (The Egyptian symbol of a Pharaoh).

"I see time has taken it's toll on you, my old friend." Zeus greeted.

"Same as you I see." Ra countered in a scratchy old voice. "I knew you were going to call sometime about you Eternal Flame going out. The Duat here is starting to merge with the real world more an more, allow many people to be able to see the hidden."

"Yes, on that note, we need your help and it looks like you may need ours to regain our worlds composure. I decided that we need your magicians and my demigods to work together to defeat this dark force. It's the only way." Zeus explained.

"I know that, but I know our sides have met before. Two of my best magicians, Carter and Sadie Kane, have met with those demigods. Not at the same time though. I think the demigods names were Perceus Jackson and Annabeth Chase." Ra agreed.

"They are the very best demigods alive today. Now how are we going to get them to meet?" Zeus wondered.

"We need to create something in the middle of both of their territories so that they will both go to it." Ra came up with.

"Ok. I have the perfect thing to attract both sides." Zeus ended the connection and called Poseidon.

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