Baby Daddy

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After Harry and i finished all the questions I didn't really feel nervous talking to him anymore. And i think he might have acutally enjoyed talking to me. Yay! LEAH MADE A FRIEND. A super sexy friend. I acted myself towards him and made him laugh alot. Maybe Science wasn't going to be that bad this year.

Sadly class ended and i went off to my next class. Which was... Shoot. I left my schedule in Science. Great. That means i'll be late for whatever this next class is. As i turn around i run straight into someone's chest. A very muscular chest. And it's not just anybody i run into. I run into Harry. "Leah i think you left this in science" he says handing over my schedule. "Harry i don't think i left it. I think you took it from me so you could see all my class's because your secretly in love with me. I understand though i am a pretty amazing person." i say as i wink at the curly haired boy. "My love, when i stole your schedule i figured out we have the same class's. And just to make sure know one looks at you the way i look at you, i think I might just have to sit next to you, in every single class." Harry says while acting all lovey dovey and sending me googely eyes. Leah he's just kidding. He dosen't like you. Just being a nice guy. "Shall we my love?" He says as he takes my hand into his. He winks at me. HARRY JUST WINKED AT ME. Okay I'm giving myself full permission to flirt with him just like he is with me. But not too much flirting Leah, you might end up liking him. We surely dont want that to happen.

As Harry and i walk into Child Development class (aka our second class) we find out we can't sit together. Supprisingly i get really upset inside. Oh well. Hopefully next class we can just sit their and flirt. Wait. Did i really just say that? I am looking forward to flirting with him during the first day of school. Didn't mom say to focus on school work? Well i see that that has worked out great so far today.

"You will all be getting babies today!" WHAT? Babies? I did not sign up to take a baby home! If i wanted to do that i could have signed up for the show 16 and pregnet. "HAHA No not real babies kids. Fake babies. But i will pare you up with the opposite sex so you can see what it feels like to have a baby when your married." Mr. Rawls says to the class. I was trying my best to listen, i really was! But then something hit me in the face. I look down on the ground to see a piece of paper is what hit me. I guess i started getting this really werid look on my face cause i look back up to see Harry laughing at me. Oh so he was the one who threw it at me. How thoughtful of him to aim for my face.

Before i could grab the note the girl next to me did. Great."I think this is yours. Hi Im Whitaker. But people call me Whit." "Leah. Yeah thanks that's mine. You can read it with me if you want. As long as you dont get jealous of my man" i say to her. She starts laughing immediatly. "And who might this handsome man of yours be?" I point over to Harry who was already staring at us with those beautiful green eyes of his. "Well what did the note say!" Whit asks. We open the note and it says....

Well hello my love. I hear that were having a baby? Assuming you let me be your partner. I'd be a great father. - your favorite piece of man candy Harry.

Whit and i both cant help but laugh VERY loudly. I have known this guy for what? One class period and he wants to be my baby daddy. "If he isnt the father of your baby Leah, he will defiently be mine." Whitaker says with a wink. I know it was a joke and all but i kinda jealous inside. To answer her question i turn around, blow a very seductive kiss at Harry and wink.

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