Imagine You're In Labour

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Harry: As soon as the doctor called him on his cell while he was in the studio, he rushed to the hospital with the boys, Eleanor, and Danielle. By the time he got there, baby Darcy was nearly there. "It's a girl!" The doctor exclaimed, showing her to you and Harry. You smiled big until the doctor gave you a clean and dressed Darcy. "What's her name?" The doctor asked. Without even glancing at Harry, you said, "Her name is Darcy.". He smiled and took her from you. She opened her big green eyes and looked at her daddy. You smiled, you were so happy.

Louis: He rushed to the hospital after Danielle had called him. You and her were shopping when your water broke. He burst into your room to see you holding a beautiful baby boy. "Say hello to baby Tommy." You said to him. He crouched over to you, "Hello little one." He chuckled and took one of his tiny feet in his hand, "I'm so sorry for missing the birth, baby." He said to you. "I'm just glad you're here now." You smiled. "I can't wait to tell the fans, you're going to be really famous, Tommy." He laughed and you nodded. You kissed both of them, it was the best day ever.

Niall: You guys were in the middle of a movie marathon when your water broke. He rushed to the hospital and hours later, your guys' daughter was born. You both decided to name her Ella. He looked at you. "She's got your eyes and hair." You said. He later tweeted a picture of you, holding Ella with the caption, "Welcome to the world, Ella Rae Horan! Mommy and I love u!" You soon get many tweets saying congratulations, and a few hateful things, but you didn't let them ruin the best day of your life.

Zayn: You guys were just talking when your water broke. He drove you to the hospital very quickly, he was so excited to meet his child. He held your hand through the whole thing. Soon, Raine was brought into the world. He was first to hold her. You notice tears in his eyes as he looked at her, "She's so pretty, like her mommy." He smiled, handing to you. You looked at her, "She's got your eyes." Her eyes were so beautiful, like Zayn's. "I love you both." He smiled and kissed you both.

Liam: He got you to the hospital quickly, he was so excited. After hours, of pain and Liam pacing around as the doctor did tests on the baby. "Your son is beyond healthy. Here." The doctor smiled and handed him to you guys, "Now what's his name?" The doctor asked. "Ethan." He replied. You guys looked at your beautiful child, "All that work was worth it." You smiled, "I agree." He laughed and kissed you. You both kissed his forehead and fell asleep, all three of you.

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