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Luckily for everyone they all had time off when Thanksgiving got closer. They'd get to go home early a week before Thanksgiving and would return to work the next day. It was fair to Harry if he was being honest. He'd much rather have time off before the holiday than afterwards. The build up of any holiday was much more fun to spend free time on.

Harry had a list of things he needed to get seeing as he and Liam would be the ones cooking. Niall could barely make toast. Louis burned things and Zayn just didn't enjoy cooking. But Harry was fine with that because he and Liam always had a great time when they cooked together.

But at the moment, Harry was enjoying a bubble bath with Louis. He was surprised he could fit in there with Louis but they managed. Because Louis was sitting in the tub and Harry was sitting on him. His legs were on either side of Louis as the bubbles moved through the hot water. His hands were up on Louis's collarbones. 

The two were just kissing well Harry was

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The two were just kissing well Harry was. Louis had his hand down around Harry's co.ck and was making him whimper every few seconds.

"You're a fucking tease." Harry groaned.

"They don't call me Tommo The Tease for nothing."

Harry laughed, "I have never heard you called that. In fact, I've never even heard of that name until now."

Louis moved his hand again causing Harry to shut up and just groan instead.

"You're so pretty, Harry Styles."

"Shu-Shut up." 

Louis grinned, "We're supposed to be enjoying the hot bath."

"You're the one who can't keep his hands to himself!" 

Louis laughed and removed his hand, "Fine, fine. I''ll control myself."

"Sure you will."

"Your ass looks cute with bubbles on it."

"Louis, you're really fucking weird."

"But you love me."

"Yeah, yeah. I guess I do."

"And you're thankful for me?"

Harry rolled his eyes and kissed his nose, "Indeed I am you moron." 

Louis smiled and leaned back up against the wall. He ran his hands down Harry's bubble covered chest and just sighed happily. Harry was the prettiest human being in the entire world and Louis felt so lucky to be loving him, touching him and spending every day with him. He couldn't imagine being with anyone else ever again. The thought of anyone else touching Harry, making him moan, laugh or happy in general had Louis feeling nauseous.

Harry was his. He was Harry's. They belonged together.

"You ever fucked in a hot bubble bath?" Harry asked.

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