Chapter 6: Better Than Nothing

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Ryn had spent the rest of the afternoon pacing back and forth across the rooftop, her mind much too focused to notice the cool winds that tore at her hair, whistling against the glass of her invisible feathers to produce an eerie music.

She had been attempting to formulate a plan, one which would bring her the answers she wanted, like how did she travel to the past in the first place, and, hopefully, how could she get back to the future?

The ambient city noise drifted up to meet her ears. It was strange, this past world, like traveling to a different planet.

It was the same city, she knew, but everything about it was so.... Unfamiliar. The sounds, especially. 

Where normally she could hear the daily chatter of her fellow citizens, rising like a wave of hushed, joyful echoes; the songs of flocks of birds that swooped past to visit; and the occasional popping noises that signaled the formation of a Port; now she could hear a wave of rumbling and screeching and honking that could only be the traffic, metal vehicles speeding down the wide streets, and squealing to a halt as soon as the overhanging lights changed from green, to amber, and then to red. Traffic lights... She remembered learning about them during history. How curious, she had always thought, that the movement of two tonne cars, and even heavier forms of transportation, could be so easily controlled by the changes between three, small, round lights.

Now that night was beginning to fall, she found that the light of the sunset, cast upon hundreds of different coloured, textured surfaces, made for a stunning display. Somehow beautiful, despite the visual discordance.

Aderyn stepped up to the edge, her wings fanning out by their own accord, and she could feel them catch the light, cool breeze that filtered through the air.

She couldn't stay up here, she knew that. But she was afraid.

She had the powers of a Legacy, which meant, in a place like this, she would be classed as a mutant, a freak....

If anyone found out what she was, well.... she'd read enough textbooks to know how the people of this era treated those with powers....

How did the rest of them survive in a world like this? How could they live, knowing the rest of their world would reject them if they ever showed their true colours? She had always thought her time to be so beautiful because she knew that, no matter what a person looked like, sounded like, acted like... they could be accepted by everyone else, their differences embraced rather than rejected, or isolated.

But now? 100 years ago.... The world was so divided. Is so divided. And Ryn didn't know a single thing about how to survive in a place like this.

And yet the Legacies, the other humans with powers.... They'd had no choice.

Again, she took in a deep breath, gazing out at the span of the city below her. She didn't know how it was possible, but she was here now. And she was determined to make the most of her time, by finding a way to get back.

A stronger breeze filtered past her, catching in her wings, and sending her swaying.

Quickly she steadied herself, crouching low against the edge of the building.

First step, she knew, was to learn how to control her powers.

Aderyn, she thought....

If she was back in the past, then the real Aderyn must be here, too.

Perhaps if I could find her....

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