Author's Note

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(It's kinda big but it's important)

Hi, everyone!

My name is Juliana, I'm eighteen years old and I'm Portuguese. This is my very first book and please be comprehensive!

I'm Portuguese so English isn't my first language. For that, I ask you to understand my writing mistakes. I started learning English when I was eleven years old, but I'm also studying Italian, French, Korean and German. It's not easy to talk all those idioms, but I study almost everyday and I put a lot of effort on my studies.

Believe me, I'm truly sorry if I make terrible mistakes in terms of writing, it isn't on purpose obviously! So please don't attack me. Try to understand... If you think you can't read this book because of my grammar, no one will judge you.

If you read this book, I'm open to constructive criticism. We learn with our mistakes and that's what I am trying to do, since I don't pretend to write poorly. I only ask you not to be rude, I'm terribly sensible.

I would like some support of you guys because it is extremely important as an incentive, believe me. The people who  write may have this perception and they know what I'm talking about.

I will explain to those who don't write and don't have that experience as writers.

Usually, when someone writes a book, there is a lot of work to do. We spend lot of hours writing and reading, believe me. Besides, we have to think about the history and the characters very well. In my case, when I have shower I'm always imagining the course of the action. When I can't sleep, when I don't have nothing to do I think about the story.

We have to search new things and look through the history to include our story in a historical, social and political context. And believe me, it is not easy!

However, I'm not complaining, I'm just trying to convey you the message that this work isn't just some work at all. So please respect and value my work. Hate is not healthy and it is extremely demotivating.

If you are reading this book to criticize negatively and not constructively then please don't! I accept your annotations as long as they are not offensive or disrespectful.

So I know I'm being obnoxious but I'll say a few things that I consider important before you start reading this book.

Firstly, I'm very thankful towards you for giving an opportunity to this book. I will try not to disappoint you. At first, it may seem a little boring but give it time and it'll get better. The first chapters are always the hardest and if you write, then you certainly understand that.

In second place, this book involves inappropriate language and lots of episodes with mature content. Besides, it contains violence and really heavy material. Read at your own risk.

Thirdly, this is a Harry Styles fanfic, but if you don't like Harry Styles (which is practically impossible) just imagine him as someone else. If you want, I can give you an alternative character, but during the book the main character will always be described as Harry Styles. But obviously, if you don't know anything about him or you don't really like him, it's okay. The first time I read After I didn't imagine Harry as Harry Styles. I don't know why though since I always loved him.

In forth place, I'm no professional writer so don't expect an amazing writing and fantastic descriptions from me. I'll do my best though.

Also, tell me if you like outfits in a book or if you don't. I prepared a lot of outfits for this book but I'm not so sure if I should use them. Please, tell me what you think.

The sixth point is related to the chapters. At the beginning they're a little short but then they'll become bigger, I promise!

In the seventh place I must tell you that the main female character at the beginning is a goody two shoes and everything, so innocent and bla bla bla... But then she will change and she won't be 'plain' anymore.

Eight, my friend is already helping me by checking my grammar and all of that, but I would appreciate your help very much, really! So comment when you see a mistake or anything like that.

In the ninth place, please don't be rude when you're giving your opinion. Like, really, sometimes I'm reading a book here on Wattpad or other platforms and I read comments that disgust me! How can some people be so rude without caring with the other people's feelings? Seriously guys... A writer is spending their time writing and trying to make their book good enough for all of you and then the only thing they receive is mostly hate, hate, hate! Words have such a great power, please learn how to use them.

Number nine, ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. This book involves a lot of work so please don't copy my work. I didn't steal someone's else work. It all came from my little head, so please don't plagiarize. If you find a book with suspicious similarities to mine, please inform me!

Lastly, I wanna add that your support is really important to this book and to me. Because it feels really good to have people appreciating and giving my work some value. So, please be my guest and vote and comment!

Thank you for giving an opportunity to this book, really!! You have no idea what it means to me!

~ Good Reading ~

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