Chapter 3

  A year has passed since I last saw Bidziil. It still shook my nerves when I thought of the night my brother was snatched and killed by a pack of wild, discussing coyotes. I remember it like it was yesterday. My anger was still racing inside of my blood for revenge.

Since the night of the attack I out grew my long fluffy puppy fur and grew into a more thick, warm and cozy coat. Since my tail was ripped off in the battle with the coyote, my fur grew overtop most parts. But the scares I had on the end of my half tail did not allow much fur to grow on them; I also learned from my mistakes and grew more protective of myself and my tribe. I never went back to the spot we were attacked.

  I sat down on a torn up bull skin blanket that Chayton caught the day after bidziil died. He always welcomed me into the nice warm tent; he built it in the warm seasons. The cold air from winter’s spirit was roaming the camp, forest and it even had enough strength to freeze up the body of water that the people of the tribe relied on so much for water and fishing. Achak the chief of the people soon found a simple solution to crack the ice open in the parts where the fish stayed.

  It was quite amazing to watch my owners join in to help crack the deep water ice, without the cracks being a danger to them. They used a heavy stone which they carried on a wooden sled across the ice to pierce a whole through the ice. It took three men of the tribe to lift the rock over the thick cold ice. When they dropped the oversized stone the whole camp was out to watch the dangerous task put to success. Many humans cheered for the brave ones, who could have gone under ice if the plan had failed. The chief thought wisely as always, to prevent a failed attempt to crack a whole in the ice. He was a wise man of the tribe who everyone loved and trusted so much. He is also the father of my owner Kachina.

  Achak meant spirit but most of the people of the tribe called him spirit of the camp/people and they called me spirit of the tribe since I was his daughter’s big, “brave” wolf, it was also Bidziil’s nickname.

   I also had other nick names such as Eari, spirit, Cheveyo which meant spirited warrior and finaly “from the east” which is what the name “Eara” stood for. A lot of people called me Cheveyo Eara from time to time, to me it sounded silly and so when they called me using that name I would simply sit down and not respond until my proper name was called. Although it did make me feel special when the people called me a spirited warrior of the east, I always had a shiver of joy when I heard it and always waged my bitten of ginger tail, although it still did not sound suited to my liking.

  “Eara” Chayton said sitting up to comfort me. He stroked my head and then he pet me under my pointed ears which was my favorite spot to be pet. I leaned over and liked his hand to greet him, also to tell him that I respected him as he respects me.  Chayton and Kachina were best friends but chayton was a year older.  Kachina was 12 years old now and grew to be a pretty and quite small girl for her age.

   She had black straight hair that was normally put into a braid, with the feathers of the prey she hunted for me as a pup. I was now old enough to hunt for myself, but the people of the tribe would still reword me for being good. They give me scraps and even a big meaty bone from time to time. The meat that the people caught was usually roasted on the fire pit, in the middle of the camp usually at moon rise. It tasted nice and warm. I loved the taste of the buffalo, it was my favorite.

  Chayton was 13 he also had black hair but his hair was never grown too long. He had flat shiny hair that would sometimes fall in his face. He stood much taller than Katchina and usually carried a spear everywhere he adventured. Chayton and Kachina had the same looking smoky brown eyes. They also both wore animal skins that they hunted to keep warm. Usually Chayton would catch foxes, deer and baby buffalo. Katchina would catch raccoon, fox, rabbit and rarely deer. They would from time to time let me join in on their hunting. To do so I had been warned to be steady and quiet as I followed and waited for orders.

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