It all started with a kiss.

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                                                                         Crash! Boom! Bang!

What could that strange noise be coming from the kitchen be? I asked my self as I crept my way to my kitchen. Normally, I do not mind bizarre noises, but being alone it is some what creepy, I carefully put my hand on the door knob. I quietly turned the knob, as I swing the door open I see its pitch black. It takes a couple seconds to adjust to the dark lighting, my hands for the light fixture, I feel the hard rectangular shape. I flick the light on and am blinded by the sudden of the bright light. When I make out  the person standing in front of me I'm taken back. I feel the blood rushing to my cheeks, its John, the sexy popular quarterback I'm lucky to call my boyfriend. I forgot I texted him about five minutes ago telling him im alone, for him to stay the night with me. it must have sliped my  mind while i was watching paranormal activity .

"you look stunning tonight" he said looking at my pink sweatshirt and grey sweatpants . I winked at him , as I put my hands up his shirt . I felt his back muscles as they shivered at the contact , I pulled him close and sucked gently on his neck until i heard the moan roll from the back of his throat . I whispered in his ear "your cute babe , but I'm sure im more stunning without them on"

8 months earlier

The bell rang signalling I was once again late for my first period, Crap I thought tripping over my car floor as I scrambled my stuff together for my day. The weight of my trumpet  was making running up the steps harder than usual. As I entered the glass doors into christopher prep I saw John leaning up against Jessica's locker... "real shocker" I mumbled under my breath, Jessica is the head cheerleader and the number one mostpopular girl in school... Therfore shes a whore that boys tend to go nuts over.

"come on jess! Give me another chance!" he yelled as she slammed her locker shut and walked away, he grabbed her arm and swirled her around so she was only inches away from his face ."You know I like you babe! those girls dont meen anything" I counted down under my breath . 3... 2.. 1.. yep there they go making out. I felt my heart give a tug, as I felt jealousy of Jessica. I've alwayse had a crush on John, I meen who couldnt ?! He's gorgouse !! I knew I never could have him though . I'm a band geek, that everyone knows as Lizzy loser.

After they were done Jessica went to her chemistrey class, John caught up to me... "Oh great" I thought to myself as I knew what was comming next. "Whats up loser" he said as he tripped me , my instrument case went sliding over the freshly waxed floors as I felt the world passing by faslty and the ground comming closer and closer.I felt the weight of my glasses being reduced. When I started to pick myself up i noticed th world was a big mass of blur. as I looked up I could make out Johns defined jaw, and his deep blue eyes bouring into mine. I got on me knees and began to crawl to find my glasses for the 20th time this year. What john did next was unexpected, i felt a dart of pain shoot through my abdomine as john's vans made contact with my skin. A faint whimper excaped my lips at the pain.

I heard a click of the front doors opening, "ARE YOU OKAY ?" John pretended to be concerned. "you ought to be more carfull Elizebeth," he said while helping me to my feet. "here's your glasses liz" he handed my glasses and collected the items I dropped. As I turned around to see who was  the person who John was so scared of hurting me in front of I saw the dirty blond wavy hair I knew exactly who it was . my older brother who is the senior quarter back Michael.

"What has happened?" Michael said running up to me when he saw my stuff sprawled on the floor.  He helped me get my balance. Anger flashed through his eyes when he saw John, then it suddenly change to worried once he saw John picking up my stuff for me. "are you okay ?? are you hurt?"

I gave him a lopsided smile ,"im fine Michael calm down, you know how much of a klutz I am . I just fell over my own two feet" I felt a pang of guilt rush through me as i saw the trust in his eyes . the pang of guilt fastly subsided as it was replast with horrific pain . "I C-cant b-b-reath," I winced trying to pry his arms away from my injured ribs .

" I'm sorry Liz, just thought you were hurt is all" his eyes showed how worried he is and how regretfull he was for hugging me to tightly.

" I'm fine Michael, go to class befor your too late and they give you detention." I said. It took a couple minutes to convince him i was alright till he finally believed me.

"Thanks for looking out for her John," yeah right i thought... "Will you make sure she gets to class without any problems please?" my older brother said to his so called 'pal'

"Sure thing Michael , anything to help out my man" as they did there handshake . As Michael turned the corner down the hall John gave me a cold heartedly smile as if saying 'your off the hook this time'. As he left  to our reading class without me (despite my brothers request) . I walked down the hallway wondering what he's going to do tomorrow since he wasn't finished with me from earlier .

As I stashed away my trumpet in my locker, I made my way through mr.Ramos' room. I was suprised when the usual cold blue eyes weren't there to tell me i was late, Mr.Ramos yelling that i again have detention. But what took there surprised me even more. "Take a seat Elizabeth, your late"  he said in his stern voice. "my name is mr.Lathrom, I am going to be taking Mr.Ramos' place as the reading teacher for the rest of the year." as he said his name everyone gasped and faced towards me ... oh god

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