Chapter 1

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I woke up with a start.

"Owwwowowowowowow." My head was aching, like it was hit by something hard. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!"

When I opened my eyes, I saw the culprit, my sister Lizzy. Evidence? She's holding a blue PVC pipe that I hid for myself, ready for buglars and such. She is a 6th grade student, 4'9 in height, light brown skin, brown eyes, long dirty-blonde hair, and a nice build, slender enough to not be called chubby.

"Well I was going to wake you up, coz' mom said. When I was about to wake ye up, you went karate-ing the air, almost hitting me, shouting IGNIS! IGNIS! like a retard."

"I did that?" I asked, wondering.

"The point is, I'm innocent. The pipe thing was only self-defense. Go downstairs, food's ready." she said, selfishly. "To save your petty pride and reputation, I won't say it to anyone, ok?"

After that, she went downstairs, leaving me alone once more. I knew what really happened. I was fighting a creepy cyborg named Gorz in the body of a female magician named Alexia and... my memory of the dream's gone. Well, can't blame it, dreams go away so fast.

I walked towards the bathroom to wash myself up to get ready for the big day ahead.

While I am washing myself, I shall introduce myself first. I'm Kent Primassori, 7th grade student. kind of tall, 5'6 in height, chubby, as they say. Artificial dark green with black highlights and slightly curved [downwards. I'm not a pineapple] hair. Light skin complexion and a kind face, as they say. I am preety skinny for my age but it dosen't matter much for me, though, coz' I am still a human and that alone is enough for me to be normal. I wear glasses, by the way. With the cool frames, not nerdy ones.

As I finished washing my face, I went downstairs to our dining room, where the foods, eggs and bacons, are set on the table. The plain sight of the foods made my stomach grumble. Ma, Pa and my lil' sis was already on the table, eating their own food. Pa looks like Chuck Norris (I wish he really was it *o*) except his body is not muscular and he dosen't have a beard and a mustache. Ma looked like the actress who played the role of Narcissa Malfoy (Draco Malfoy's mom) in the Parry Hotter movies except her hair was all black. Today, Pa's wearing his usual outfit to work while Ma's wearing her cotton apron, bearing the words "YOU CAN DO IT!" in all caps, with a thumbs up in the middle.

Pa was reading the newspaper, Ma was eating silently but focusedly, like she was having a swordfight with her food and she's losing. My sis, on the other hand, was eating, texting, calling, and chatting online with her friends, as if this day is the last. I sat at a chair at started digging in.

"Kent, sorry, can't both drive you to school. I have a special meeting at the office. Ma's more than willing to take you to school, right Ma?" Dad said, still reading his newspaper, which has the headline "BACK TO SCHOOL!". Ma was still focused so she didn't replied ( seriously, what's wrong with her? =/ ).

"No, Pa, thanks for the offer, by the way." I replied. As if I would let mom give me the image of "Mama's boy" in my new school.

"Well, it's your decision." Ma said, finally unfocusing on her food "Then, I'll take Lizzy to school"

"Thanks, Ma! Love you!" Lizzy said in a quick voice, then returned to the things she was doing before

We finished eating our meals and gone to our own destinations. Pa rode their company's private chopper. Ma and Liz rode our Lamboghini Gallardo and zoomed away. As for me, well, there's no much of an option, I walked. T-T

It wasn't much of a loss, anyway. The road to my new school is a preety scenic one. I passed a wide meadow, a nice park and the shopping district [there's a bookshop! *o*]. I only viewed them while walking because pausing for five minutes means being late for class on the first day, a thing I hate doing. Did it once, I suffered more more than 3 days of coping up to the new rules of the school like no eating at the rooftops, no running in the corridors and other crazy stuff you won't believe I really did.

While thinking of things what would probably happen, like I will be a loner because I came from a primary school so far from my new school, I don't think I'll have an obsessed schoolmate to follow me here [as if anyone gave me that kind of importance, on the first hand]. While thinking about stuff that might happen for me, my feet brought me to my new school.

Well, it's not much, really. It's a school but... Well, it's a school. There's the entrance, a large clearing filled with stone tiles. The covered court at the left, admin building in front and a little garden at the right of the clearing. Behind the admin building is a grass lawn the size of soccer field, circled by the four high school buildings, an elliptical road connecting the five structures. Looking again, it's not that bad.


That in mind, I ran for the court, a good distance from my current location.

As I saw the stage, the principal is not there yet... YES! I thought, in your face, lateness!

Then, all of a sudden, I hit something hard. REAL HARD.


"I... I'm sorry" said a soft, sweet, about-to-cry voice "I didn't mean to..."

I looked to where my head bumped to. It was a pile of books [Novel books, same type of books to what I'm addicted to] All were hardbound, a good 400-page each of the five book an angel was carrying...



I looked at her face... Well, thank goodness It's a human. A cute female human.

"Oh. I'm sorry. Are you hurt?" Well, damn my stupidity. She's on the pavement, with scraped knee and elbows. SHE'S TOTALLY FINE! -_- "Let me help you up"

"Thank you" She said. "May I ask? Where's the school orientation? It seems I am lost"

Airheads. +cuteness points!

"Oh. It's there" I pointed towards the court, where students are slowly filling in "I'm also going there so please, let me help you"

I gathered the fallen books [Fallen Books. nice title... I'll use it sometime...] and carried them for her. Why is she not overreacting over her scrapes like most girls do? Beelieve me, I'd like to ask myself

We sat at a corner of the court. There's already seats waiting to be sat upon. So... we sat.


So, I regained my coolness [if I had any -_-] and asked the cute girl beside me...

"What is your name?" with a matching smile. Killer smile. No, seriously. I killed our mirror with that smile. [I wish its soul rested in peace]

"Oh, me?" she giggled "I'm Catherine. Catherine Mendez" she said with a smile

Will anyone please pause my life? I'd like that smile to stay a little longer.

*Awkward silence* 

"I'm Kent Primassori. Nice to meet you... :) [Well, it really was!] then I reached out my hand and she took and shook it [thankfully]

"And I am Mr. Brown and welcome to Arcania High School." said the principal on stage, as if on cue.

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