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Eleanor’s POV

I woke up from my phone was like 12:00pm. Without checking who it was I answered.

The Call (Bold=El Font=Kae’)


“OMG Eleanor? Is that you? Please come to the hospital ASAP! Harry got stabbed and has LOTS of scars tell Lou and the others…I don’t have the guts”

“We’ll be there sweety make sure he’s ok and I’ll tell the others…love you”

“Love you too El”

Call Ended

I immediately started crying, tears coming out of my eyes like a waterfall. Louis woke up and sat up.

“El…babe? Are you ok? Why are you crying?” he asked worried.

“We have to go…Lou, Harry’s in the hospital” that was all I could get out before he shot out of bed.

“WHAT…WHY THE FLUCK IS HE IN THE HOSPITAL?!?!?!?!?”He screamed rushing to put his clothes on.

I don’t know…Kaeleigh said he got stabbed and has scars” I cried.

I shot out of bed and ran to my closet. Pulling out a red beret Lou’s red jeans and one of his light blue button-up shirts. I quickly pulled them on, along with my heels. We ran out to the car.

“Here lou call the boys, Kae says she doesn’t have the heart to tell them.” I spoke.

He turned to me grabbing the phone, I havn’t seen him this sad in a VERY long time and I felt bad.


We pulled up to the hospital, beside Kaeleigh’s car. I put my hair in a bun underneath the beret and ran inside with Louis.

“HidoyouknowwhereHarryStylesroomis?” I rushed. Probably too fast for her to hear me so Lou repeated.

“yes umm……room 341 on the 2nd floor.” She told us.

But the minute she said ‘second’ Louis ran to the elevator. I tried to follow but he was too fast, and apparently the elevator was too slow. He ran to the stairs and disappeared from there.


I ran to the elevator and pressed number two. The doors immediately closed……a minute too long later they dinged and opened.

I officially couldn’t wait any more and ran straight down the corridor to find room 341.





I pushed open the door running to le hospital bed.

There lay the body…of Harry Styles…motionless and barely breathing. I turned to my left to find all the boys crying…….Dani and Kae were holding Harry’s hands. Sighing precious prayers, while crying.

I grabbed Lou and sobbed loudly into his chest.

Will our best friend ever wake up?

Danielle’s POV

Me and Liam got the call and told Niall and Zayn. Oh my god! I couldn’t believe what was going on.

I ran to my purse pulling out my packed cloths, red tank top, Black high-wasted shorts, a cream cardigan and my pink dance shoes. I ran out to the living room offering the boys a ride. They all agreed as I grabbed my black beret and headed out the door.

Once we got to the hospital we ran inside…..Kaeleigh had already told us the room number.

Room 342…..

341 YES!

I ran in the door, Liam following close behind.

There was Kaeleigh holding Harry’s hand and crying, even with red puffy eyes she looked beautiful. She was wearing her dress Louis had got her with white, pink, and brown lace dress. She had Harry’s blazer on and pink TOMS with a white beret.

Hmmm all the girls had on beret’s that’s a bit weird…I walked over to Harry and took his other hand we sat down and just prayed that everything will be ok for him. ‘Please be ok Harry…please be ok!’

Kaeleigh’s POV

Will he live…?

Will he remember me when he wakes up…?

Will he get amnesia…?

Will he get kicked from the band…?

My mind was scrambled with thoughts, so bad I couldn’t talk and I kept twitching.

Please wake up soon…..

Everyone was in the room (the band and their girlfriends) including me.

The nurse came in and told us only one person could stay………thank god Lou said it was ok. I stayed back in the hospital watching the one I love….possibly die!

One thought really stuck in my head as I snuggled closer to his body.

Will he live…?

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