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Chapter 1:

"What's next?" Vin asked, shooting a glance at his brother before his eyes returned to the road. "I did find one thing. I think.." Danny's voice drifted off, bringing the two into silence again. He held his laptop in his lap, occupied with the world outside. Soon, the soft clicking of his fingers upon the keyboard filled the car instead of silence. The sky slowly began to darken as the duo pressed on into the night.

Danny shut his laptop and said. "Go to the next town. I found a job." Vin obeyed, pressing forward into Alva, Oklahoma, a small town with a big problem. The buildings looked old at first glance, but really, they weren't. It was the way the town was.

Vin pulled into an antique-looking motel, and stopped in a parking space, quickly shutting off the engine. Danny nudged the car's door open with the palm of his hand, the other gripping tight to his laptop. A breeze blew softly in his face; which sent a slight tingling sensation crawling up his spine. "This is the right place."

Vin opened the trunk with ease, picking through it to find his hidden stash of cash from earlier jobs. Regular jobs. He flipped a latch and a small door popped open, just barely, but just enough so he could get his fingers to the money. Danny watched his older brother from the corner of his eye, holding the computer close to his chest.

A dog barked in the distance; the moon setting high in the sky. Vin yawned before stretching his arms out above his head. "Let's just get this over with," he muttered, holding his hands behind his head. Danny followed closely behind his older brother, glancing around deprecatedly. He wasn't exactly fond of the places they stayed in. Especially the old, crappy motels. He himself preferred nice, big hotel rooms with large hot tubs. Like that would ever happen. Danny sighed at the thought, stopping abruptly to avoid hitting Vin in the back.

Vin's real name was actually Vincent, but he preferred being called Vin. Danny thought it suited him well. "One room please," Vin waved the cash in front of the motel manager's face, before setting it on the counter. "One king-sized bed-"

"What?! No, no. Two twins," Danny interrupted rudely, sending a glare towards the woman behind the counter. "Oh, r-right. I'm sorry about that.." her voice trailed off as she turned around, picking out the keys from their spot. The floor boards creaked under her weight. "Here you go. Room 127." Vin took the keys from her hand quickly, then turned on his heel, heading to the car to gather some things.

"I hate it when they think we're gay," Vin exclaimed fervently, appearing to be fuming as he opened the trunk. He took out a duffel bag filled with God knows what. Danny stood quietly at the side of the car, feeling derelict as his brother continued to rant about everyone thinking they were gay. "We could just tell 'em off, Vinny," Danny whispered demurely, waiting for Vin to burst out at him for calling him 'Vinny'.

"What did you just call me?" Vin asked, quite emphatically, slamming the trunk shut. He pointed a finger at Danny, brown eyes glaring angrily at him. "Do NOT call me that again."

Danny snorted but instantly regretted it. Vin pushed him down, and hard too. Danny cried out as he struck the asphalt, then dropped his computer on impact. He glared up at Vin and rubbed his hip, whimpering like a child. "See where it gets you, man?" he asked, holding out a hand to Danny, who reluctantly took it in his. He stood still, feeling slightly dizzy at the impact of the fall. He touched his forehead and felt the blood slowly trickle down. "Jesus, Vin! Did you have to do that?" Danny cried out weakly, bending over to pick up his computer, which was broken.

Of course.

"Man up."

Vin's gruff reply came as he heaved the duffel bag over his shoulder, whistling and twirling the keys to their room around his fingers. Danny grumbled as he caught up with his older brother, stepping inside the motel room. The walls were covered in a pale blue paint (Which looked to be peeling a bit), and the beds were matching. Danny threw his computer on the table before leisurely throwing himself onto the bed farthest from the door.

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