15. The Past hurts, or does it?I

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I'm sorry if this chapter doesn't make any sense, but i just felt like i should write this chapter, it means alot to me. So if you can bear with me on this, i'll really appreciate it.


I sat in the living room, with my mom and step dad, its been almost six years since my dad died. I didn't really care for my step dad all that much, he was kind of an ass. I missed my dad. But for my moms sake i put on a good show, and played part of the happy family bullshit.

I got up, and went to get a drink of water, and when i came back my mom had my cell phone, she looked over at me her brow furrowed. "What?" I asked, as i walked over. she just handed me my phone.

It was a text message from Jack, my on and off boyfriend for about two years ago. What he wrote really pissed me off, but it just hurt and pissed me off more that my mom read it first, infact at all. Jack pulled this shit all the time, but my mom saw it and my step dad was saying i told you so.

the text had said 'don't text or call' then right after he sent 'Ever again' It didn't hurt when he sent that,  i just wanted to know why, if he was done fine, i'd be ok with it. But he could just be pissed for now, there's never any telling.

But i had to listen to my mom and step dad complain, and nag at me for staying with him after this, though i don't find it that easy. I kinda wish he'd stop doing that shit to me, but he won't. I just shrugged and walked up to my room. 

I can't just let him go that easy, i love him. Which is completely against my moral stand point. But i won't let all this break me. I would stand strong and continued to move on, now how much it hurt to do so.

Like so many times before, i'm going to just pick my bruised ass off the curb, but this time i'm not as bruised, and its not as hard to get up off the curb. Over the years i think i just became strong enough to deal with all the crap.

I couldn't call Seth or Selena, because they hated him and would say the same thing as my mom and step dad. I'd call Mick, but he'd do the same thing, and my brother and my sister. I had no one to talk to, except maybe myself. 

I stood infront of the mirror, and brushed the hair from my eyes.I forced myself to smile, Sadily the smile looked convincing. "I can handle this" I told myself, as i looked at myself, When did i completely lose myself? When did i forget who i was? 

"Thats it, I'm done" i said as i threw my phone on my bed, i ran to my closet, and grabbed everything, and through it into my room, the small amount of make-up i owned, my hair dryer, straightener, and curling iron were all on the pile of clothes, I tossed out my shoes. 

Its time i found myself again, or better yet a new me, a better me, a me that will never let this happen again. I grabbed my ipod, and put it into the docking station, 7 things by Miley Cyrus started playing.

********End of flashback************

"Yo Mere, you ok?" Mick asked as he looked over at me, I nodded. 

"I'm fine Mick" I said as i walked over to the mirror, "I think its time i found me again" I whispered as i pressed my hand against the glass, I smiled that fake smile, then punched the glass. "I won't smile that smile ever again" I turned to Mick and smiled my real smile.

"Care to help me find myself again?" I asked him. Mick just smiled, as he stood up, and hugged me. "Lets go, we have alot to work to do" he said as he walked to my closet, and tossed everything out, I ran and jumped into the pile of clothes. 

I grabbed my favorite shirt, skinny jeans, monkey socks, and my boots, before running into the bathroom to change. I will never let a guy hurt me again, and everytime i do this, it reminds me of who i really am. 

I smiled as i walked out of the bathroom, I took my straightener from Mick, and started on my hair, while Mick got my belt and jewelry out for me. My hair was straight and it made me feel like me again. I took the rest of my things from Mick, and started to put it all on.

By the time i was done, I could recognize myself again, Jack and Conner probably couldn't, but that didn't bother me at all. Because i know that i am myself, and not the girl who got butterflies when they'd call, or cry when they pulled something stupid.

I walked to the door, and waited for Mick to follow suit, "I think its time we had a talk with Seth and Selena, I have an idea" I said with the same look i probably got when i was being evil. Mick smiled and walked over, and slung he shoulder over mine. "Lets go then" 

We walked down the stairs, I glared at my mother and step dad as i walked. Once the realized i married myself, they had it over ruled by a judge, so i was back at square one for now anyway, i was about to change that for good.

"Bye mom, Bye Shawn" I said as i walked out of the door, Did i forget to meantion that I'm grounded? I laughed as my step dad started yelling, and My mom rolled her eyes. This was going to be the longest year of my life. 

I got into Micks car, and he drove towards Seths house, we'd pick him up first, then go get Selena. My phone went off, i put it on speaker knowing it was Seth and Selena. "About time you come and get us!" Selena shrieked, I laughed. "Hey Sel, Sup Seth?" I said as i leaned against the head rest.

"Not much princess, just waiting for you to come get us, So whats the geniusplan this time?" I smiled Seth knew me so well. 

"You'll just have to wait and find out, but just be prepaired to get me across the boreder if all else fails, got it" I said seriously. Seth nodded, "You got it Princess" 

"Were behind you one hundred percent Mere Mere" Sel said to me, i could just hear the excitement in her voice. Atleast they had my back, and I wasn't on my own again, if i was, I'd probably lose my mind.

My name Is Meredith Nicole Stanley, I'm fifteen years old, sixteen in three days. I'm arranged to marry Conner, and I swear i will do everything in my power to stop that, even if it means running away for the rest of my life, and I'm finally myself again.

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