Chapter five

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Okay so um it gets kind of rated PG-13. i had a little bit of a vivid imagination, nothing too bad but it's detailed a bit. And so everyone know a little bit about me, I have never kissed a boy and I am still a virgin. I just imagine how my first kiss wil be a lot and watching romance movies i picked up on some things. So yeah umm please don't hate me if I said anything bad. I do not Hate any of the boys, I love them all.

Lottie’s POV

We all get out of the van and run into Nando’s. Niall is the first of course because he’s starving. Lou and Liam walk in with Zayn behind them but I stayed back with Harry. I need to talk to him. I need to ask when we are going to tell Louis. I need to talk to him about the interview, I need- I’m interrupted by Louis screaming for me.

            “Lottie are you coming?”

            “Yeah Lou I’ll be there in a couple minutes.”


Harry turns to look at me knowing I want to talk to him. He looks up and smiles.

“We need to tell him soon, Lottie he is gonna find out some way and I rather it be that we don’t get caught doing something. He isn’t going to like it though because we all promised we wouldn’t date the sisters of the group.”

“Well I don’t care Harry he is going to have to get over it because I love you and I am not leaving you because he doesn’t approve.” I was angry that they made the stupid promise anyways. “You know promises you break are the best kind.”

“Really quoting the Spiderman movie!”

“Yes really. I actually liked the film.”

“And I really like you”

That was all it took, Harry grabbed me by my waist and pulled me into his body. He lifted my chin up and I was staring into his green orbs when his lips became attached to me. It was a slow gentle but passionate kiss. It ended quickly though because I needed to talk about the interview.

“Haz, the interview today was a close call. You can’t freeze up like that babe.”

“I know and thank you for helping me out with that by the way.”

“Its okay but next time I might not be there to help. Then what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know”

“Okay well let’s go before the lads come out to look for us.”


We started the walk to the door of Nando’s and Harry got to the door and held it for me. I slid in the booth were the rest of the guys were and Lou just gave me a weird look.

“You okay Lottie?”

“Yes Lou I just wanted to talk to Harry that is all.”

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