When Things Go Boom in the Sky

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Hey people, I don't know why, but I feel like updating this story even though it's on hold. If you're waiting for Oshawott's Story, sorry.


7.When Things Go Boom in the Sky

Swinub's POV

"Staravia, can you get closer?" I asked. He closed in and used Aerial Ace, just like how we planned. Then, Swinub2 and I used Mud Shot which flattened the door-hopefully not crushing anyone.

As the door 'opened' a wave of cold air made the pokemons inside shiver. I couldn't blame them. It was hard to hold on to Staravia while he was trembling like a lost, hairless puppy in Antarctica.

The flying pokemon dropped them off on top of the squashed door. There was a grunt beneath him. "Is there somebody under this?" Swinub2 asked. "An evil pokemon, if you mean that, yes." a Cranidos replied.

"Let's get out of here!" I yelled. "How?" Bagon asked. I cursed. Staravia wasn't here to get us off. "We'll go out using the escape pod or whatever you call it." I said.

And sadly, I just noticed alarms were blaring. A good news and a bad news occurred. Bad news, Guards barged in to catch us (they were already caged, but let's say I got them out). Good news, they tripped over each other, creating a struggling heap of stupid guards.

As we were climbing on the 'stairway' to get out, a blinding flash brightened the dark, cold room. A Bayleef was standing, the door crushing her demolished to smithereens.

"Uh, oh." everyone said except me and Swinub2, who didn't know her. A Eevee gave us the 6 second version: "here to make sure we don't escape." That explains A LOT.

"How do we beat her, now since she evolved?" asked Cranidos, who is weak against grass types. "Of course we can beat her." I said. Swinub2 and I used Ice Beam, which is super-effective against grass.

For the first minute or so, she stayed frozen like she didn't dare to move. We stood still, ready if she broke out. But there weren't any sign she was trying to get out of the block of ice. We ran, our backs to her, heading for the exit of the room.

Then, the cube of frozen water exploded, some hitting controls, letting electric sparks fly around, electrocuting some of the escapees. One or two hit me, then bounced off because electricity doesn't affect me, being a ground type and all.

"Do you have a Plan B?" Cranidos yelled. "Duh!" I yelled back. "What is it?" Eevee cried, careful not to get touched by the fire. "RUN!"

Suddenly, in slow motion, some flares combined into one big one, then hitting Bagon, making him unconscious. I started to scream when a punch of pure force hit my head, knocking me out cold.

Bagon's POV

I groaned, finding myself in a cage with the others, including Swinub and the other one. This time the pokemons were avoiding the bars; not because the Hunter was here; not because Bayleef's eyes were red with anger. The cage had an electric field. One touch from that thing, and you'll get a bad hair day (not that we have hair, just to mention).

The Hunter looked at me, then at Swinub. He said something too faint for me to hear to a scientist beside him, and the scientist nodded. The Hunter pressed a button, dislodging the electric field on the cage, opened the door slightly, grabbed me, and took me out. I trashed and panicked, but he wouldn't let go.

After I punched a scientist who tried to calm me down in my thrashing state, another person threw some kind of a needle at me. I stared at it, and just for a moment, it seemed to slow down. Then, it hit me. There must have been poison or something in it, because I felt weak and sick. I fainted.

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