Chapter 5.

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Sorryyyyy bout that. It's all better now. Oh and I'll be changing point of views a few times in this one. 

Ali's p.o.v:

Shiiiiiiiiiiit. When she'd get there?

I have a lot of explaining to do.

"It's not what it looks like." Well, actually, it's exactly what it looks like. But I'm not saying that!

"I know, I get it. You just needed a rebound after breaking up with James last week. It's okay."

Wait. Gemma say whaaaaaaaaat? Yeah, rebound. Definitely.

"Yeah. Thanks for understanding."

This is awkward.

"Let's just have a chill day and watch a movie. How about The Lion King?" Yessss, the lion king made Harry cry for some reason, and I found it quite funny!

"Ughhhhhhhh, fine" Of course Harry was dreading this.

We got some popcorn, and went up to the game room to watch the movie. We started the movie, shut the door, turned the lights off (SEE WHAT I DID THERE YOU GUYS?) and closed the blinds so it got pretty dark in there. I sat in the middle like always.

Gemma fell asleep halfway through the movie so I snuggled up next to Harry. The credits were about to start when the door was flung open, causing all of us to jump. But somehow I landed on the floor. At least whoever it was didn't see me practically on top of Harry. 

It was just their mom.


"GIMME GIMME GIMME!" We all ran towards her and grabbed a few tacos. She knew us so well!

But seriosly. At least she didn't say anything. After we finished our tacos, we decided we were going to go to the store to get some ice cream. Harry said he'd drive, so Gemma and I just piled into his car. Of course I was in the front.

Once we got there, Gemma told me to stay with Harry while she went and picked us out a flavor of ice cream. She said she wanted to surprise us. We had no problem with it. 

"Can we please tell her soon, Harry? It's really hard for me to keep this from her."

"Just wait. I'll tell her when the time is right. I promise."

"Okay." Then, he kissed me.

"Oh, what a cute couple!" Some old lady said to us. 

"Oh we're just friends," I said.

But at the same time, Harry said "Thank you!" The lady didn't question our different answers. She just smiled and walked away. Harry looked kinda hurt. 

"Well! What did you want me to say? We aren't really 'a couple' " I looked at him. The next thing he said made me just gdsujgkl;jdfkl;gj go crazy.

"Well, how about I change that. Ali, will you be my girlfriend?"


"Yes." I said and kissed his cheek. "But Ali, don't tell Gemma about 'us'. Not yet."

"Sir yes sir!"

"You guyssss. I picked out Rocky Road!" YAY. My favorite! (actually its moose tracks, but anyways.)

We paid for our ice cream, and left to go home.

A few hours later, Gemma told us she was going to bed, and I followed her. I was waiting for her to fall asleep so I could go into Harry's room, but apparently I got tired. I fell asleep, but was woken up by Harry kissing me. I sat up an smiled. He told me to follow him. I looked at my phone. It was 3:30. We went to bed at 12. Well that was a good nap. I followed Harry into his room and sat down on his bed.


No more tonight. I have to go take a shower and go to bed. First day of school tomorrow. EWWWY.

7th period tomorrow is gunna suck. I have it with my best friends brother. And my life is basically like Ali's life. SO THIS IS GUNNA BE AWKWARD. 

And I swuuuuur. If my teacher puts us in alphabetical order or something, I'm screwed.

Well, nightttttt xx 

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