Chapter 22:

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Niall's POV: (Yaaaaaaay!)

We had an awesome time at the beach, and it looked like Layne and the girls were getting along well with Alex. So much in fact, Rosie, Gabriella, (I totally just realized I left Gabriella out of the beach trip. Pretend she was there, kay?) and Leannah rode home with her and Autumn. Layne didn't because she had a really bad headache. She's been having a lot of those lately, it's really odd. Harry decided to ride with Josh and the lads to go out and do some stuff, while Layne and I headed home. Her head was hurting so much she didn't even turn the radio on, which she always does. I was driving home when she gripped her head in her hands. I turned to see if she was okay, I was extremly worried about her. Luckily we were at a stoplight, so nobody ran into us. I sighed as she started to cry. "That's it, we are going to a doctor," I said. She looked up at me, "No, no! Its fine..I'll just take some medecine." I sighed and looked at her, "Oh you know that never works, Layne! We're going to the doctor, and that's it! I don't like seeing you in so much pain!" She nodded and just stopped arguing with me.

I drove to the nearest doctor in London and pulled into the doctor's office. We walked to receptionist's office and got the same reaction I always get when I am public....."Ohh you're Niall Horan! Can I have your autograph?!"....I asked the receptionist if we could see my favorite doctor in London, Dr. Hicks. (Random name!! RANDOM NAME! Thats actually my ICT2 teachers name...SHOUT OUT TO MR. HICKS! He's never gonna see this, he's old, lol.) We walked over to the waiting room and Layne plopped down in the chair and pouted. I looked at her and sighed, "Do you want to continue to be in pain? We need to check and see where and why you are hurting!" She looked over at me, "I have already been to two doctors. (I really have been to two other doctors...haha, I'm trying to make Layne exactly like me, since, ya know, she is MY character.___.) Its not my eyes or my teeth..So it has to be something else, but I don't know what." I sighed and said, "Well that's what we're here for." I then realized what I said. Layne looked at me, "You know, if I'm such an inconvinence to you, why don't you just leave? You don't have to be here you know. You don't have to be a jerk about the whole thing, just straight up tell me you don't want to be here." I shook my head, "I'm not mad, and I'm not trying to be a jerk. I'm just really upset because I don't like seeing you in pain, and stressed with management."

She turned her head sideways like a confused puppy, "Stressed with management? Why are you stressed?" I shook my head, "I'll tell you when we get home." She nodded and we waited. About 10 more minuets passed and then a lady came out and said, "Layne James?" We both stood up and walked with the doctor. Whenever Layne had to be weighed, she made me turn around. I don't know why though, she's not fat. We walked back to the room we were in and the nurse started asking Layne questions. Things got awkward whenever the nurse started asking about her....monthly gift (Not trying to gross you guys out, this is exactly what they asked me when I was in the doctor, I'm trying to make it real as possible and how a guy would have felt if he was in there with his girlfriend.), so I tried to zone them out. It worked, and I was completely zoned out until Layne grabbed my hand and squeezed it really hard. I looked over at her, and they were taking her blood pressure. Was she scared? And if so, why?

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