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This is story is based on real events. Some characters (not necessarily people) will not be called by their name for conserving respect and identity. Thank you.

Marc sat on the red couh. He prefered the red couh over the green and and black one. "How has your day been?" Karla asked. "Why don't we go on with what's for real? Shall we?" he replied stubbornly. Karla didn't like his attitude at all, but as a psychologist she could do nothing, it wouldn't be professional of her part. She could not help him as she desired to, since he wouldn't reveal his problems and/or past life. But this day, Marc felt different. He felt, nice, which Karla found strange from him, but still comforted.

"Why don's again? Since the first day we met?" Marc said with a serious expression. "That would be great!" Karla replied. "Nice to meet you, my name is Marc, I am here looking for help in my troubled life". Marc said. "Nice to meet you Marc, you can call me Karla, I can help you get rid of those problems you were about to mention". Karla said. Marc then began to tell about his sad infancy, how his parents were bad ones and how he was (still) so unhappy. 

"My dad cheated on my mom, but she decided things could still work for them, so she didn't got the divorce, which is stupid if you ask me" Marc said. "And how does that influence you?" Karla asked. "My mom would always be angry at him, showing that things wouldn't work out, so she used me to calm her emotions. She would beat me up, curse me, ge angry at me and make fun of me. Of course they still had some good moments but...." Marc said. "What is it?, tell me". "I remember one day, my mom got mom got that at my dad, so she severly punished me. Since that day I told her I wouldn't be the same, I would change. I would not smile, I would not laugh or be happy" Marc replied. 

"So that's why you feel so unhappy?". "Not really. That was only one factor. Teen problems along with.....insanity". Marc said. "What do you mean?". "Can we finish for today?".

So it did, and Karla hanged in the report to Marc's mom, a report in which every patient had it's mental condition described in. It read: Marc, 16 years.Final Diagnosis: OCD, delusional disorder, depression, sociopathy, hypochondriac issues, overall, general psychosis. Marc would learn to live as a happy child, but many things changed his mind. He was the worst pessimist the world could had. He made himself suffer to get used to all the pain he would supposedly feel in later life. 

Marc was skinny, pale and had brown hair. He was extremely attractive, many girls fell in love with him. That would give you a clue to what also happened to him. He met a girl, called Michelle. Michelle was pale skin, and dark hair. We will not go into detail to what happened but she broke her heart in the worst way you can think of. Mark decided he would never ever feel again. He locked his heart in a cage, and threw the only copy of the key to the most dark room you can imagine of, where you would never find it.

What was good about him, is that he was almost a genius. He was the best from his class. He was very talented at soccer, and played piano and guitar.  He was most interested in psychology and science.  He had many goals, big goals. When he was 14 he mentioned he would save his country from corruption by being the president. He had many brilliant ideas. He sated he would place a local gallows pole and the one who robbed, did corruption or something bad, would be hanged in it, where all the people could see. He would also create a law that if voted by the citizend, they could remove them presidency, showing that he is humble enough. Those and many more ideas where in his head.

Marc was not going to a therapist vy vonluntary. His mom forced him to do so, only worsening the conditions. He only wore dark clothes. Dark jeans, dark shirts, black converse, and black accesories. He would be bullied, being called emo, or gothic. Be he didn't cared, he would just ignore them. Sometimes he had enough of it so he threteaned them, and that would be the last time they bother.

He had an imaginary friend (delusional disorder), he wouldn't know it's name but he mentioned it was a Grimm Reaper. He would ask the grimm, when was it going to take him. He always left a glass of water where the grimm sat. He conversed with him about the news and problems of the actual. He really believed in it.

"How was your day?" Karla asked. "We go to what's important" Marc replied. Karla sighed hesistantly and thought it  would be as always, not like that day where he revelaed his past, she was right. "But there's something more that I want to tell you about, I have this feeling. I have never felt it before. I don't know how to describe it but.....". "What is it?" Karla asked. "Marc began to laugh histerically and continued "I just feel so strange, like a rush, and suddenly I am not sad anymore" with a almost-possesed voice he said. Karla seemed scared at the moment. "What are you up to? What do you feel?". "YOu know what I am about to do..." Marc said. Karla ran to the panick buttom but he grabbed her by the arm and began to strangle her. He knew things would be different by know. He knew he would become a serial killer.

 To be continued....

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