What To Do If Your Face Freezes When You Make A Funny Face...

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Okay I am officially out of ideas and i am desperate, i need something good for the title so i can think up a list. also, if you like Twilight, read my other list How to annoy the Cullens :) plz???????


1. Run away from your parents and grandparents so they can't say 'I told you so'

2. Go to the park and scare people

3. Go anywhere in public 

4. Shut your self off from the world except through the internet

5. Get a job as a security guard

6. Eat a pineapple

7. Watch Tom and Jerry

8. Write a story on Wattpad

9. Tweet til your fingers fall off

10. Read and Watch the hunger games

11. Learn how to knit

12. Get a bulldog (I'LL GIVE YOU MINE!!!)

13. Get an austrailian sheperd (I'LL GIVE YOU MINE!!!)

14. Take a computer apart and put it back together

15. Get a job on an airplane

16. Get a job in customer service, any where

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