We walked into the restaurant and rang the bell

A waitress came over

She had bleach blonde hair that was up in a high ponytail and blue eyes that were CAKED with make up so over all she looked like a pumpkin

She was wearing a black pencil skirt that went to mid thigh and she had her button down top tucked into it, her top was un buttoned so that you could almost see her bra and was wearing 6 inch heels

Let me tell you just looking at her outfit made my feet ache and make me feel insecure about myself

She smiled and grabbed 2 menus then lead us to a table

We sat down and then she started the waitress speech which went something like this....

'Hi welcome to Nandos' my name is Cindy I'll be your waitress for this evening would you like something to drink?'now imagine that as if I were mimicking her

I took a sprite and he took a cola she nodded and walked off after winking at Louis and handing him a slip of paper that must have had her phone number on it

I plucked it from his hands

"you won't be needing that"

He took it back

"actually I do"

My face flashed with hurt

That all washed away when confusion took over as Louis spit his gum into it

"so the waitress can throw it away" he said to me with a wink

I laughed

He stood up and I gave him a look at confusion

He leaned down and said

"I'm going to the loo to call Simon"


"Be right back"

And he walked off

The waitress came back with the drinks and as she set them down she said

"I don't know what Louis Tomlinson of all people sees in you your so ugly"


I stood up and slapped her in the face then I walked over to the booth thingy where the manager was

"ummm excuse me one of you waitresses has been insulting me ever since I got here just because I'm here with someone famous"


"yea how did you know?"

"she was on her last warning and is now fired"

"thank you for your time"

I walked away and as I walked I heard him call her over and then I heard footsteps coming up behind me and I assumed it was the manager so I turned around and as soon as I did the slutty waitress slapped me across my face

I just chuckled and shock my head

"yea slap me all you want slut it won't make you a better person"

I turned around to walk away yet again when I hear


I turned around AGAIN and put my hand over my heart

"Awe thank you that means so much"

Then I walked back to my table smirking as she tried to figure out what was going on

I sat down at the table and about 10 seconds later Louis came back

"your singing for Simon at 5 pm sharp tomorrow" he said with a smile

"thank you for doing this Louis but I can't sing?"

He just scoffed and rolled his eyes while taking my hand

A waiter came and took our orders

I got a garden saled since I'm a vegetarian and he got some sort of chicken

We chatted while we waited for his food and I found out the basic things about him like he had a fetish for carrot lovers and his favorite color was blue

I also found out he has 4 sisters Charlotte(Lottie){12}, Felicity(Fizzy){10} and twins Daisy and Phoebe {7}

By the time the food was here he knew that I was an only child loved making friends and acting wacko (which wasn't really an act) I liked those strawberry marshmallow things that were coated in sugar and I was trying to learn Italian with my friend Natalie


We ate in a silence until my phone went off

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and their life is better then yours damn rig-" I cut of the awesome ringtone as it was my BFFLADSSS you see Jamie might be my best friend but Natalie and Morgan Out ranked her by like 999,999,999,999,999, light years

"yes my purple potato friend?"


As she yelled I held the phone away from my ear causing Louis to laugh as he could hear it as well

"Louis this isn't good she just cursed in italian"

"so thats what cazzo means..."

"STILL HERE!!!"we hear through my phone oh did I mention that my room mates are also my BFFLADSSS's?

"Nats I'm on a date I'll be back soon"

I could practicly FEEL her glares she hates the nick name Nats...

"fine you live this one but only because you haven't dated in over 4 months "

I hung up and me and Louis finished our date and he drive me home...

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