Chapter 10

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         I stare at the girl Anna. How could she just assume that Mary is a ghost? Like I know she is but that guess is a really far stretch.

From what I know about this girl is that she's really smart, and she's always reading. She studies books upon books, however, she studies myths. She's a bit of an odd ball, so I guess her coming up with a theory on how Mary is in fact a ghost is possible, however though she can't do so without any proof, and Mary is pretty good at keeping her identity a secret, unless of course, she used her powers. That is something she's not good at hiding.

I start to nervously laugh, making a fool of myself. Once I notice that everyone's eyes are turned towards me, I stop, embarrassed. "Mary isn't a ghost."

"Okay, if she isn't a ghost then she's an alien or some kind of creature," Anna says putting her hands on her hips.

I laugh again and she looks at me strangely and like I'm crazy so I shut my mouth and look down onto the ground.

Anna continues talking, "I've done research on ghosts for a summer camp I went to and ghosts can move things around without touching them when their eyes glow, and ghost have yellow eyes."

"Not all ghosts have yellow eyes," Mary interrupts, so I shoot a glance at her and she backs up.

Anna looks at Mary and lets out the brief I-know-everything laugh and asks, "And how would you know that?"

", I did some research to for a my, um, old school," Mary stutters and fiddles with her fingers.

Anna looks around at the crowd of kids and asks, "Who here thinks that Mary is a ghost? Raise your hand if so."

I look around seeing most of the kids, including Anna raise their hand.

"Based off all the research I've done, Mary fits into the category." Anna adds on, smirking.

"I am not a ghost," Mary screeches defending herself and tries to look confident.

Before Anna can reply, I walk over to Mary grabbing her arm and drag her away from the crowd, into an empty area.

"What the hell happened," I ask. "One minute I'm in the bathroom and the next everyone is accusing you as a ghost. What did you do?"

Mary bites her ghostly lip and sighs. "I got mad at Lisa and her friends; they hurt you and made you cry. I was going to let it pass like you always told me to but I turned around and the three girls were going to try to do it to me so I did it to them first."

"Mary, are you insane," I yell gaining a few glances.

"Well I'm sorry," Mary says quietly.

"But why did you use your ghost powers to sabotage them," I then ask more quietly.

"Because I wanted to freak her out," Mary says.

I sigh. "Can you do that thing where you alter everyone's memories?"

"There are too many people who witnessed it; I'd pass out from exhaustion before I'd get half way done.

She's right. Our entire sophomore grade saw what happened.

"Can you at least try with some of them, especially Anna? Because if you alter some memories then what happened would just turn rumors that no one is sure really happened or not. And make sure you alter Lisa and her friends memories too, and all the teachers. Then you can move onto a few students." I say. That should help with things. It may not be everyone but it will do.

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