"Bre!" A high pitched voice called me from down the hallway as I was leaving my math class to go to lunch. I turned around I saw my younger sister, Jasmine, aka "Minnie".

"Do you have the stuff?" She whispered me so that no one would hear her.

A sigh left my mouth as I turned to her, "Come on Minnie, I'm down to my last dime bag, and I haven't had a smoke since this morning!" I told her as I began to turn to walk away.

"Please Breonya?" Minnie then asked with pleading eyes as she lightly grabbed my arm before I walked away.

"Fine." I replied in an annoyed tone as I looked around before turning back to her and I secretly handed her the weed. "I'm gonna have to go to Jacob later to ask him for some more." I stated before continuing on to the cafeteria.

Jacob? Who is he you wonder? Well pretty much he is my friend with benefits...kinda. We have been friends since we were in middle school and I have always liked him since. And no not a little small ten year old like, I mean when you have so much feelings for someone, but you don't really know how to show them.

I think the thing that really makes me not wanna confess him to him that I like him so much is the fact that I know he still has feelings for his ex girlfriend, Vanessa. And I also think he likes my sister Jasmine. Even though Jasmine swears up and down, she doesn't like him, and that they are just friends.  There is a very strong feeling in my stomach that the small flirting they always do all the time doesn't define them as 'JUST FRIENDS.'

But besides that, me and Jacob are actually rather close. All though we do a lot together, we act a lot more like a couple than friends. But what kills me the most, is at the end of the day, Jacob is not my boyfriend and I doubt he ever will.  Wow, what a perfect way to put myself down so early in the day. I sighed before continuing on with my journey to the lunch room, slowly walking as if time didn’t have shit on me.  I mean it is just lunch, and Pasta Friday wasn’t really my thing.

After my five minute stroll to the cafe, I finally arrived. As I walked into the cafeteria I saw everyone sitting in their groups like in the movie Mean Girls. All of different groups reminded me of all these small territories, all different and unique in their own ways.  I walked over to my usual lunch table I saw my group High Life.  I know corny as hell, but it was me and Jacobs idea for the group back when we were all freshman.  But anyways, I think that we are a mixture of different teens with all distinct personalities. We are pretty much The Kids Your Parents Warned You About.

When I got to the table everyone was talking, flirting, eating, and all that good crap. I'm actually quite surprised none of them looked stoned.  As I sat on the far end of the table, I was startled to hear Jacob call my name, "Bre! Hey Bre, do you wanna go outside for lunch today? I gotta talk to you." He said with grin as he finished his sentence. I'm quiet surprised that he was asking me and not Jasmine. I mean what is there not to like more about her than me? Almost half the  boys in our grade has or does like her. I sighed in distress, as I then looked up and remembered I was just standing there like a fool and didn't answer Jacobs question.

"Oh yea sure!" I answered trying not to sound too lost in my awkward thoughts, as I plastered a fake smile onto my face. Once I got up from the table and Jacob and I continued to walk over to the door that led outside, I was astonished when Jacob grabbed my hand as we were almost out the door.

I blushed a tad and of course my dumbass friends started cooing and screaming 'Love Birds!' which caused half the cafeteria to stare at us. I then stopped and turned towards all the bitches starring.

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