Chapter 10

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* Harry's POV *

The 11 hour flight back to London was horrid. Normally on long flights like these, I just sleep the whole time, but this time I couldn't. My mind was going crazy. I tried watching movies to distract myself, didn't work. I tried listening to music, didn't work. I tried listening to Celine Dion do I would sleep, didn't work.

What was on my mind? Kristen.

I liked her, a lot, and that scares me. I don't even know a whole lot about her, but when we kissed it was almost electric, it wasn't like other kisses I've had with other girls.

Ok, distract yourself Harry.

Shit. This isn't working.

~ Three days later ~

"You guys I'm begging you! Please!" I said to the boys giving them pleading eyes.

"We've all been to New York before, why do you want to go back so bad!?" Zayn questioned me.

Louis sat in the corner of the couch with a smirk on his face, he knew why I wanted to go to New York, but he was trying as hard as he could not to say.

"Come on lads! We could even do a CD signing and make some appearances just so it shows the management that we had a good reason to go!" I said begging once more, completely ignoring Zayns question.

Niall nodded at my idea and then spoke, "Why New York City though? Why not Las Vegas or something, we could gamble!"

"Um . . . Yeah let's not start gambling," Liam said chuckling.

" But really Harry, why New York?" Louis then said grinning, already knowing the answer.

Liam, Niall, and Zayn all looked at me with a skeptical look, wanting to know.

Ugh, I should just tell them.

I sighed in defeat, "Because Kristen lives there."

"Ahhhhhh," Zayn said in amusement.

"I knew it had something to do with her!" Niall said chuckling while Liam just rolled his eyes and laughed softly.

"What do you guys say?" I asked anxious for there answer.

"I'm in!" Liam said raising his hands and the other guys followed.

I shot my fists in the air, "WOOOOOO WOOOO" I ran around the house screaming in excitement.

I cannot wait to tell Kristen.

* Kristen's POV *

The week I got home was the busiest week time for me. I would have photo shoots every morning, somedays I would have runway practice, then I would have fittings, some interviews, oh and early morning workouts.

I would come home almost every night around 9 and I would go straight to bed because I was so worn out and I needed my beauty sleep.

Every night I would dream about Harry.

One night there was a knock on my apartment door and I opened it up to see a delivery man holding a bouquet of red roses in a vase. I carried them in and found a note hidden that read:

"Thinking of you,

Harry xoxo"

I smiled at the note and out my phone to dial his number. It rang only once and he answered.

"Hey Kristen!!" his eager voice said through the phone.

"Hi! I wanted to thank you for the flowers," I said smiling even though he couldn't see me.

"I didn't want to say anything in case you hadn't got them yet!" he said chuckling.

"Well they are beautiful!"

"Just like you,"

I was smiling a idiotic grin at those words.

"Oh I have grand news to tell you!" Harry said with excitement, "The lads and I are coming to New York on Saturday"

I tried to hold in my squeals, "Are you serious right now!?!?"

"Yes!! We get at midnight actually," he chuckled, "it was the only flight available!"

I frowned, "I'll see you Sunday though right?"

"Of course you will, could I drop by in the morning?" Harry asked.

"That sounds just fine to me, I'll text you my address!"

"Sounds great, I'm so excited, you could even meet the boys! They really want to meet you."

This made me smile. Harry told them about me, I don't know why I thought that was sweet, "I would love to meet them! Alright well it's getting late here and I have to be up early tomorrow so I'm going to go to sleep!"

Harry laughed, "I forgot about time change! Goodnight love."

"Goodnight Harry," I smiled then hung up.

I walked towards my bedroom while texting him my apartment address. I then set my phone on the table, turned off the light, and climbed in bed.

I think I fell asleep smiling.

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