Stephanie P.O.V ( chapter 7)

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I know I post a lot but thats because I've written about 12 chapters in two days, but I have 42 reads <3 thank you so much!! I'm glad you guys like it

Stephanie's P.O.V (after the accident)

After I have finally debated if I should answer the phone I did

"What!" I said in a rude tone

"umm excuses me is this Stephanie " a man asked

"oh this is probably that guy she was with" I said to my self

"yes why?" I said

"well hi this is Robert from the hospital savanna was just in a accident she asked for you and Harry to come. " he said

I couldn't believe it I just couldn't is she alright she has to be,

" ill be right there" I cried and hung up.

I threw my hair up wiped off my tears and grabbed my keys and ran out the door.

When I finally reached the hospital I ran to the desk asking for Savannas room and the lady at the front desk pointed to the room. Right before I could move some one started to talk to me I turned around and couldn't believe it!! It was the guy she ditched me with i talked to him very Rudely but also trying not to cry I ignored what ever else he had to say and walked to Savannas room to notice he was following me, until his friend stopped him. He told Harry that they needed to find Savannas room, but Harry told him I knew and I turned around and faked a smile and they both knew it was. I could tell because Harry's friend asked me what was wrong and I couldn't take it the tears came flowing back, Harry asked me where savanna was and I pointed and he left the room so it was just me and Harry's friend in a hospital room with me sobbing and telling this complete stranger what was wrong.

"I'm Liam by the way" he said

" that's a nice name." I said flashing a quick smile and wiping my tears.

I told him about Niall but I didn't say his name I told how I ignored his calls because i didn't want to talk, and everything else and he told me everything was okay.

I stood up wiping my face

"would you like to come and get some coffee with me?" I asked Liam

"oh no are other friend is going to get some I don't drink coffee that much so you can have mine. " he said smiling

"well ima see if Harry's alright are friends name is Niall, he will be carrying coffee when he walks in so you will know who is" Liam said as he stood up and walked away.

That's when it hit me Niall knew Harry and savanna, Niall lived with Harry and Liam and was waiting for zayn and Louis. I was in shock I didn't want Niall to see me like this I started to wipe my tears when I see him walk in and he stood there and looked straight at me, I was frozen. I didn't know what to do.

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