Not Actually a Diary♡

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I decided to start writting here instead of a diary. its much safer. & i know that might sound weird. but go with me. im a teenager so my "grammar" is weird! ;b.

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Dear Not Actually a diary,

Most of the time i spend hearing music like everyone else does. i like to lock myself up in my room like everyone else. but unlike everyone else all i do locked up is cry ._. , Im the type of person that starts crying for a reason & ends up crying for everything wrong in the world. Can i tell you something? The last time i cried was august 19. & Today is august 19. im locked in my room right now. Self harm? nope. but i have tried. it didnt sork out. so as you can tell i have promblems. but i wasnt abused or shit. the real promblem is myself. Im a negative person you see. i might as well be the most negative person in the world. if you ask me. i am me & nobody else. & i am a negative person. i guess that doesnt sound that bad but i can turn the most happiest momments into a nightmare. sad.

i decided to move subject.

i might as well start off by the reason i started all this. it started when i had the guts to write in a real diary & express myself. To get to the point it didnt work out

Diary Not Diary? Have you heard od bullying? Sad Stuff but whats sadder is when your own family does it. i honestly think my mother hates me. Yes i am for reals. i cant say i blame her im not likeable Most people i meet say im pretty and awesome especially randome. im actually popular in skool but ive never actually cared. The only thing i care is love & how my owm mother doesnt love me. i guess a lot of people suffer from the same thing i do. the absence of love from a mom. so yiieehh. ._.

Can i say something? Today was a good day well it strted off good my mom was buying me stuff when suddenly she ignored me. i would talk straight ... my sister came sorry gotta go †

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