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"Mr Murry?" The shock in Seulgi's voice was obvious. She turned around in the seat where she sat in front of her mirror with wide angry eyes and glared at her father. "Harold Murry? The fossil that lives across the road? The one who must be at least 50?"

Seulgi's father sighed and sat on her bed. "Yes that Mr Murry, and he's 38 dear,"

"38! Yet already he has grey hair!" Seulgi scoffed. "I am 20! I am to waste my youth by marrying a man almost double my age? There is a field of men far better looking, and younger, than him I am sure!"

"Age and looks are not the only factor that comes into play," the man said and placed his head into his hands. "You are our only daughter Seulgi, we need you to marry... comfortably,"

"Oh so marry rich, you mean," she spat and crossed her arms. "You want me to marry an old man I barely know so you can be wealthy,"

"It's far more complicated than that," her father said and shot her a stern look. "We are so deep in debt, even your bedroom is a luxury. We can barely afford to pay the staff. This is not your choice Seulgi Kang. You will do as your mother and I say,"

Seulgi glared at herself in the mirror. She was halfway through doing her hair when her father had come into her room to tell her the news. She pulled the clips out of her hair angrily and let her mane of hair down. It was naturally wavy, and she had brushed it, making it stick out at odd angles even more than usual.

"It's not fair," she growled. "Why can I not choose who I am to marry? It is my life after all! Why-"

"Seulgi!" Her father boomed. "I said that is enough. You will do as we say!" He left her room and slammed the door.

The young Korean girl sat back in her chair and huffed. In a fit of anger she ruffled up her hair as much as she could and left her room, making sure it was as crazy as possible.

Seulgi sat down at the breakfast table, and sipped at the cup of tea already there. A member of the kitchen staff served her a piece of toast. She thanked them with a smile.

"Agh!" A shout made her look up. She saw her mother with a hand over her heart, turning her face away from her daughter. "Seulgi! Do something about that horrid hair of yours before you give me a heart attack, you ghastly child!"

"Oh sorry mother," Seulgi said with a bittersweet smile. "I didn't have time,"

"Yes well," her mother spluttered and sat opposite her, looking everywhere but at Seulgi. "It's awful dear. Mr Murry is coming soon and I'm sure you don't want him seeing you in such a state. Father has told you the news I assume?"

"Yeah," Seulgi said quietly, suddenly getting angry.

"Don't 'yeah' me young lady,"

"Yesss mother," Seulgi spat, glaring at her mother. She sipped her tea aggressively and slammed the cup down. "I'll go pretty myself up now, seeing as I'm not acceptable how I look now,"

She grumbled to herself the whole way down the hall to her bedroom. In case you hadn't noticed, our Korean had a slight anger problem...

Seulgi slammed her door shut. "Oh of course! First I have to marry a dinosaur so my parents can pay for the staff they can't live without! Oh no, they'll never do anything for themselves! Fancy a cup of tea? Get the maid! Need to open a door? Get the maid!" She kicked her wooden bed and immediately regretted it, nursing her stubbed toe. "Now they want me to make adjustments to myself- because I'm not pretty enough naturally. Put some make up on her! Tame her hair, and put it up! Completely change the way she looks!"

She rubbed her toe before collapsing on her bed and sighing heavily. "It's not fair. But what can I do? Anything I do will not make a difference anyway. I'm a girl,"

Seulgi knew she couldn't do her own hair- no matter how hard she tried and so called her maid. Despite the major cut backs her parents had to make on the staff to save money, she still had she own personal maid.

"Could you make me look presentable or whatever," she mumbled and sat in front of the mirror. She indicated to her hair.

"Of course Miss Seulgi," the maid bowed and began to straighten her hair.

"Do you wish women were more important Wendy?" Seulgi asked her maid, catching her eye in the mirror. "As important as men?"

"It's not for me to say Miss," Wendy smiled.

"How is it fair? Men dominate the world, but why? All they have over us is strength. Women have brains too, we're smart and strong willed. We should be able to make our own decisions, shouldn't we?"

"I find, staying quiet and getting on with what I'm meant to do is best Miss,"

"But that's no life," Seulgi sighed. "Don't you wish to do things? Like travel? Maybe even be in charge of something like a business or even in governments!"

"That's wishful thinking there Miss,"

"There are women that campaign," Seulgi began thoughtfully. "For the vote. Suffragettes,"

Wendy looked nervous. "It's best to stay out of such dangerous matters Miss, especially a lady such as yourself... your father is not too keen on them either. I've heard they can be quite aggressive and even damage property and such,"

"I guess you're right, though there is a less dangerous group of women isn't there? Suffragists. They do no harm, do they?"

"Still it is the message that many disapprove of Miss, the message that men and women should be equal. I would advise you stay away from both parties if you are to lead a happy and quiet life Miss,"

Seulgi opened her mouth angrily then closed it, Wendy was right, she should just be obedient. She looked at her hair for a minute. It was completely changed, she no longer looked like a bear, and now looked more like a lady. "You have such skill Wendy, thank you,"

"My pleasure Miss Seulgi," Wendy bowed and left.

"Such skill," Seulgi repeated as she admired the woman's work. She sighed and stood up, preparing to meet her future husband. "Wasted,"

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