Living the Rodeo Life!

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   As I unsaddle Cashe' from a long day of rodeo, i think about what I have done right and wrong. It's been a really long day and I am just ready to be home. After I have Cashe' completely untacked, I brush her down and give her a big drink of water and reward her with a few treats and a big hug as always. When she is cooled off and we are loaded up and ready to leave I load Cashe' up onto the trailer and we head off to home.

   As we arrive to a little place I call home, where theres fields and fields and old country roads to take in all of your beautiful surroundings, I step out of the truck and unload my mare and take her to the barn. She stops to graze on a little patch of grass and I sit there as she eats all the grass she can and just thinking about everything. It seems I do the best thinking on or around a horse. I think about what it takes to win, and be consistant every run I make.

   I take Cashe' to the barn and put her in her stall and feed her for the night. She nickers as I tell her goodnight and kiss her on the little star on her head. I walk back to the pasture and feed the others. I walk back to the house and eat supper with my mother and sister. When i start to go to my room my mother asks "Would you like to enter at the big rodeo next weekend?" I look back at her in shock. I say "YES!" and thank her for letting me enter. When I go to my room and finally lay down, I watch some barrel racing recordings on TV and then go to sleep with everything on my mind.

The next morning I go straight out to the barn and feed everyone. When I finish I go to Cashe's stall and tell her about the big show that we are entering. Then I walk to the house and eat breakfast. After I do everything in the house that has to be done I go back to the barn for a little ride. As I walk one of my colts up to the arena for some practice one of my best friends pulls up. Erica steps out of the truck and yells "Hey there! Need some help?" I yell in response "Sure! Go tack up Dan your favorite horse!"

When Erica and I start practicing my other friend Ryan pulls up. I tell him to tie his horse and  come over and watch until we are through. We start warming the horses up around the arena and getting their legs loose and stretched. After a good 10 or 15 minutes of long trotting to keep them in shape I start my colt just doing some flying lead changes. I stay at one end of the arena and make a pretty descent circle and pick up on my horse and bump him with my outside foot and he picks up on his right lead. As he lopes a few circles I sit down and say "whoa" and slightly pull on my reins and waits until he fully is stopped and back him up a few steps. Then i repeat with the other direction.

When my colt is picking up his leads I make him start off with a few circles in the right lead and then I pick up with my other rein and bump with my outside foot and he moves into his other lead and goes into a good circle.

 After He does my drills well, I start just making my way around the arena and turning every barrel that comes up. After he is making good turns that way i start the other. After we finish those drills we walk the horses down and cool them off and put them back into the pasture.

 When we finish tacking up 2 more horses that rope we head off to the arena with Ryan and gather up some cows to rope. After a good long practice we all are tired and go cool down the horses and put them up and go out for some lunch. We go to the resteraunt and have a nice lunch and talk about a lot of stuff and the next rodeos coming up.

 When we are leaving we run into Blake and Haley. Blake, the biggest crush ever, and Haley, the meanest girl ever. Ryan says "hello" and we leave. On the way back we are talking about it and it slips that I like blake. Dead silence comes over the wholes truck. Erica screams "AWWWIEEE" and Ryans says "EWWW" in a distgusted voice.

 We arrive back home and Erica and Ryan leave and I go and finish everything at the house for another afternoon of chores and then go to my room and fall asleep.

 In the morning I do my feeding and house work and go to riding Cashe'. After a day off we have to get back in rythm. I do some long trotting to keep her legged up and then do some barrel work. I start trotting the pattern and rating at every barrel. Then i lope and rate, and then Cashe' gets excited so I walk her on the pattern and then let her breeze through it. She works great so i cool her off and put her back into the pasture.

Getting ready for the big Rodeo next weekend is gonna be fun! I work my horses every day and finally after a week and a half of it im ready for the BIG day!

 We pull into the Rodeo grounds and find somewhere to park where Erica can park beside us and Ryan can come and hangout. When the Rodeo starts and Erica and I are ready to run we wait for the adrenaline rush as the announcer calls our names. Erica makes a BEAUTIFUL run and is sitting 2nd in the round. Then my name is called and I make my way through the long alleyway. I send the plan of my run through my head and then let Cashe' take off to first. I make it to the second and she is running amazingly, I felt the urge to help her and give her a tap with my whip to the third. She wraped it so tight it left the paint on my jeans where my leg rimmed it all the way around. I came out and heard my time and it took the lead! I was so proud! Ryan and Erica ran up to me and told me "GREAT RUN Riley!"  It kept the lead that day but I still had day 2.

 I was the first today to run instead of Erica. So i sent the same plan through my head as yesterday's run and let Cashe' go. I did the same exact thing as yesterday and she worked awesome! We came out and won the round again! I NEVER had been so happy in my life I didnt think!

 So after the fantastic winning of the year we celebrated and had a great time.  When I get home I let Cashe' rest for a few days. While I let her rest I ride my colts. They do great and I have a positive attitude that I can start running them in a few weeks. So I continue to work with them and I just give cashe' a few weeks off of running and just keep her legged up.

When the next barrel race comes around I take 3 of my colts and run them. I make good runs but they arent a pro run by no means. I still come out placing 3rd and 5th. My other colt stumbled around 2nd. I am so proud of my little ones though.

As the weeks pass, Rodeo season HSR is coming up. I keep all my barrel horses including colts legged up just for little shows and to be rodeo seasoned. Also for backup needs.

When Rodeo season gets here the first rodeo goes fairly well. I bring one of my colts for backup or to run the second day. I meet all my friends again and we talk and have the usuall rodeo fun!  While we are hanging out Erica asks me if I am going to the big Barrel race in 2 weeks. I say "Well I knew nothing about it." So she tells me that "It is $4,000 added and a 5D." So i think on it and say "Well I don't guess it would hurt since you want me to go, and plus I need to run my horses and get my colts Rodeo seasoned and getting used to running at big shows."

While at the Rodeo Blake walks up. Of course im a bit shy. So Erica makes me talk to him and we start talking about rodeoing. Blake asks "Riley are you single?" With a blushy smile I reply "Yes unfortunately." Blake says "Well maybe we can hangout sometime." I reply stupidly "Sure, whatever ya wanna do." He says "Well gotta go!" "BYE!" I reply and turn around and let out a squeal to Erica. Erica says "He asked you out!!!"

"No he didn't, he just said hangout."   

  "NO! thats a date hangout!"

"But he has a girlfriend!" 

"NOT FOR LONG!" We both tgurn and laugh and walk off.

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