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Now.. chapter three * says in Niall's dramatic announcer voice*

I yawned looking over at Lux who was sitting on the floor eating cheerios next to the couch I fell asleep on. I saw a note Lou left for me. 

"Hey I had to leave early make sure Lux eats breakfast and you can take her out for the day. Ask Thalia if you can borrow her car. I left €20 on the counter. 

have fun! Xx 


"Well alrighty then I guess you get to chill with me and Thalia for the day" I said in a perky tone.  

"Mmmmmhhh" the adorable baby replied.  

I quickly pulled out my phone dialing my bestfriends number. 

"Hey there sexyy" she answered. 

"Hey wanna come hangout with me and Lux today?" 

"Sure be there in 5" I continued to count down 

"Four.. three .. two..." She came bursting through the door. Oh the advantages of having your bestfriend live across the hall. 

"What's up?" She asked pulling out a bowl some cereal and milk.  

"Just chillin." 

"Like a villian" she said finishing my sentence 

"Haha.. oh hey I need to talk to you" I said stuffing my face with some of Lux's cheerios. 


" ok so my aunt Lou got this job styling some guys hair.." 


"Its suppost to be some famous boyband all the girls are obsessed with.." 


"Yeah.. how'd you know?" 

"Because ANYONE that is ANYONE knows them!" 

"Well.. WereTouringToAmericaWithThemAndWereGonnaBeGoneHalfAYear." The words came out of my mouth in a jumble. 

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? OH MY GOSH BEL YOUR GONNA BE FAMOUS!!" But then it came to her. Her bestfriend in the whole world is gonna be gone for HALF A YEAR! 

"wait. Bel. You cant leave me here! You just cant! Not with these IDIOTS!" 

I was struck with guilt. 

"Look I don't wanna go either!" Then I figured out a plan. If I could only get in touch with the managers of One Direction I could figure out a way we could both be happy. I smiled with satisfaction. 

"Oh God. What's the plan." I love how well she knew me.  

"Lets go to the park." I said holding my hand out for thalias keys. I grabbed Lux's carseat and we were off.

"Hello? Yes this is Lou Teasedale, can I talk to Simon. Simon Cowell?" 

"Sure let me transfer the call" the woman said in a fake happy tone. I rolled my eyes and put it on speaker letting Thalia hear. 

"Hello Miss Teasedale." Said a thick British accent. 

"Hi Mr. Cowell. I was wondering if we could bring any.. company?" 

"Go on.." 

"Well you see my friend, Thalia, is very sick and her last dieing wish is to go on tour with One Direction. And I told her I could make that happen.. please help me out?" I grinned devilishly looking over at my friend who had the same look on her face. 

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