Summers Over: A Mr. Awesome Novel

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Summers over.

It's all gone.

The moments that seem would last forever.

Now all I have is us together.

In breaking memory.

Every day you'll be somewhere differen't.

Every night we'll be staring up at the same night sky.

I'll be wishing I didn't have to cry.

I'll never stop wondering why this has to hurt so bad inside.

Summers over.

Your off to college.

I have two years left.

Your haunting voice telling me not to cry.

Your warm hand coming up catching every tear to dry.

I will never say goodbye.

At least not forever.

I tell myself to be strong.

Hold on to what I have.

I promise to never let go.

You promised me no matter where we go.

You will always stay right where you started.

In my heart.

Mr. Awesome, summer might be over.

But the fairytale has just begun.

There's a bump in the road.

You promised we'll get through it.

Summers over.

But right now our love seems forever going.

Mr. Awesome, your more then just my summer love.

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