Chapter Twenty-Four

Liam turns wildly onto the old paved road leading from the parking lot. I peek over the edge of the back window.

"Lexi! Stay down!" Mark yells at me. I immediately lay back down in the backseat. We're going at least 100 miles per hour now. A detour sign looms ahead. I close my eyes as we crash through the flimsy pliewood head on. Soon, we were barreling down the main highway.

A steady fire of shots, probably a machine gun, showers the rear end of the car. I feel a dull thud against my side. I reach down and find blood dripping down my side.

"Liam." I say, shaking.

"We're mind of in the middle of something." Mark says angrily as Liam swerves to avoid hitting an oncoming car.

"Mark. I-" the words are torn from my throat when we sideswipe a blue truck.

I groan as the seatbelt buckle digs into my side, just above the bullet.

"Lexi? Are you ok back there?" Liam asks. I can't answer, it hurts too much.

"Mark what's wrong with her?" Mark turns back and looks a my pale face. His eyes flicker to my side, where my hand is covered in blood.

"She's been shot." He climbs in the backseat and rips his jacket off. I start getting dizzy.

"Lexi. Lexi!" Black dots swim in front of my eyes.

"Lexi just hold on. You'll be fine. Just hold on-" The rest of Mark's words were lost as I lost consciousness.

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