~Chapter Two~

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Class was finally over for today. I spotted Iruka dragging Naruto towards the Hokage Monument...which was now painted. 'Naruto you outdid yourself.' He looked over in my direction and grinned so I waved to him with a small smile on my face. His face flushed, making me laugh to myself.

As I turned around a frown appeared on my face. "What do you two want?"

Ino was glaring daggers at me, while Sakura stood next to her quietly with her arms crossed. "Stay away from my Sasuke-kun!" They both shouted, then glared at each other before going back to me. "I saw how you were staring at him!" Ino continued.

'Staring at him....?' I thought to myself. 'Oh when I was looking at the Uchiha Clan symbol.' I rolled my eyes, ignored them, and began to walk past them until I felt her grab my upper arm.

"Did you hear me?!" My eye twitched from annoyance.

Gripping her wrist, I applied chakra making my grip stronger, she let go and cried out in pain. "Don't touch me." I ordered. "And if you forgot, I dont give a rats ass about 'you're Sasuke-kun' so back off." I stated as I released my grip. "Next time I will break your wrist."

I saw something from the corner of my eyes. My eyes met onyx ones. "Oi! Uchiha! Keep your fan girls on a shorter leash!" He rolled his eyes while I made the ram hand seal and teleported in front of my house.

Unlocking the front door, I walked inside and took off my sandals. "Tadaima!" My voice echo'd through the house. "Dad?" I sighed as I shut the door. "Probably on a mission."

Walking into the kitchen I made miso ramen for me and miso ramen with eggplant for my dad, he'll probably be hungry later. After I finished eating, I cleaned up then upstairs into my room. My room was simple, bed, night table, closet, chair, and other things. I'm obviously not a girly girl. I laid down on my bed facing my night stand. A picture of my mom, dad and a six year old me sat on my night stand. My mom and I shared similar features but I got my dads hair and eye color. Sighing I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep. 

During the night I heard my door slide open quietly. I felt a hand ruffle my hair gently. "Sweet dreams Sora-chan." My dads voice whispered then kissed my forehead.

"Night dad." My voice came out muffled causing him to laugh quietly.

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