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"Don't forget to avoid stepping in water honey!" My mother, one of the main fashion designers at Ralph Lauren, reminded me. I gave her a slight wave and a nod and headed out to the bus. Katie was waiting for me in our usual spot, row 8 on the left. She was the most popular girl in the grade and my best friend. With her long blonde Taylor Swift curls and C cup bra, she was a landslide.

"Nice shoes," Katie said; she had an 'as usual' tone.

"Thanks." This was our usual morning banter. When we were too tired to say much of anything we threw out random compliments. Something was telling me that Katie had something to say.

"What is it?" I asked, intrigued.

"Well its about time you asked! So last night I was on Facebook and then Tony chatted me and I said 'hey.' Cause, ya know, what do I say when a gorgeous guy like Tony chats me while I'm dating Drew? Anyways, we started talking and then he was like,"you're pretty hot, you know that right?" And then I started freaking out because Tony is a senior! It was-"

"Katie! Shut up, we're at school." It was somewhat obvious that I wasn't listening to Katie's love crisis. And to be honest, she could have any guys she wanted so I don't see what the problem is.

Like everyday, school dragged on, I actually felt a glimmer of happiness right as my free period started. Since Katie and I have the same free period, we just roam and hang out in the girls bathroom. But today, I felt like lingering around my locker.

"So, did you see the new girl today?" I asked Katie.

"Yeah, totally fake. It's obvious she stuffs her bra, and her hair was so greasy. Yoga pants? Puh-lease! Her butt looks like cottage cheese."

"Well Katie, it's official. You're a bitch," I joked while organizing my locker. It was a complete mess and my iced coffee sitting in there wasn't helping in my effort to make some space.

"Well Allison, you're a nerd who needs to learn to- wait hold on. I see Jake."

Instantly, I peered around the edge of my locker, and there he was. A god. And angel sent from above. He was perfect. Perfect white smile. Perfect dirty blonde hair. Perfect skin; slightly tanned and clear of pimples.

He was the one. The one who I think about before I go to bed every night. The one who everyone has a crush on. The one who can make me smile just by looking at me. The one who I needed for ever so long.

He was hanging with his usual group of friends, the jocks. Not that he was one himself. Every year Jake starred in the school play and wowed everyone at the talent show with his amazing singing voice. No, he wasn't a dumb jock who only wanted to hook up with you. He was special.

I decided not to be awkward and stare at him, so I continued with my locker.

"Wait, woah woah. Is he walking over to us?"

Authors Note:

Aloha! This is my first book...ever! I'm super excited to put my story out to the public. Since I'm a rookie, I apologize in advance if this turns into a failed book(; Anyways I wanna hear from you! Is this chapter too short? Too long? Too cheesy? And don't be afraid to point and laugh at me if there are any grammatical errors(: So now I'm an official Wattpad author!! :D

xoxo Michelle

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