Chapter five.

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Chapter five.

Niall and I practically run in.

“Fro yooo!!” I yell excitedly when we get in.

“Food is a friend of yours?” He laughs putting an arm around my shoulder, probably to warm me, my chattering teeth is probably annoying.

“Food is like… life.” I say reading the board. My phone starts to ring. “Hold on.” I say to Niall. “Hello?”

“Hi Harmony, it’s mom. Me and your father are going out of town for the week starting tonight. Just called to remind you. Do you think the girls will stay with you?”

“Yeah, they’ll protect me from the monster under my bed while you’re gone. But we’re kind of busy. Call me when you get there!” I say and we say our good-byes.

“Who’s protecting you from monsters?” Niall says pulling me more into him.

“The girls, my parents are out of town for a week.” I say stealing his heat.

Right when the rest of them finally get in Liam’s phone rings.

“Liam here.” He answers. The rest of what he says is “Yup. Mhm. Okay. Okay bye.”

“Who was it mate?” Louis asks.

“Andy. Fans are crowded around the hotel. They have the entire thing surrounded. We have to find somewhere to go.” He says looking at the board.

“Hey Harmony…” Carter starts.

“No no no no no!” I tell her sternly.

“C’mon! Your place is huge!” She says with puppy eyes.

“If they found out! I’d be DEAD! And you would be buried with my dead body as part of my will! You all heard that. You are witnesses I want her to be buried with me!” I say

“You’re cruel. But c’mon! You have a fricken mansion!” She says

“I do not!!” It’s just a large house!” I say defensively.

“If she’s implying what I …. Think she is… It’d be amazingggg.” Niall says adorably.

I look at the roof.

“What are you doing?” Niall asks.

“If I look at your eyes I will say yes. I will not say yes.”

“Harmonyyyyyyyyy” Ellie whines. I look at Niall. WHY WOULD I DO THAT!

“Fineee.” I say.

“Yay!” Louis says “Sleeepover party!”

“I’m going to regret this..” I say going to the till to order my frozen yogurt.

“Let’s watch Lilo & Stich” Bekah says bringing the popcorn from the kitchen.

“Mmkay.” I say half asleep. We were in in my movie room. Okay my house is huge…. It has like eight rooms that are meant for bedrooms… and an outdoor pool….. and a dance studio in the basement….

I was laying with my head in Niall’s lap with my favorite zebra print blanket over me. I kept nodding off. I could feel Niall playing with my hair. I love it when people do that when I fall asleep.

The next time I wake up and its dark and I’m in my room. I feel an arm around my waist and someone laying with me. I assume it’s Carter so  I go back to bed. When I wake up again it’s light out, I look at the arm of the person I’m cuddled into. I’m pretty sure Carter doesn’t have man arms. I look to see Niall asleep and cuddling me. I’m sleeping in the same bed as a guy. I want to wake him up and ask why he’s in my bed.. but it’s so fricken comfy. I turn around and curl into him facing him. He still has his arm around me. But he’s pulling me closer as well. Darn this guy smells good. Okay that was weird. I get comfy and before I know it I’m asleep again.

I wake up and Niall is already awake and still just holding me.

“I hope you don’t mind.” He says in an attractive raspy morning voice. “The guys are… loud sleepers.” He says with a laugh.

“It’s fine. You’re better to cuddle with than Carter. She receives, not gives, very selfish cuddaler.” I say laughing as well.

“Should we go see what everyone else is doing?” He asks.

“No.” I say moving myself closer to him. “Why don’t we talk? I don’t  want to get up…” I say putting an arm around him.

“Okay. What do you want to talk about?” He asks playing with my hair again.

“Uhm, I have no idea.” I say with a laugh. Right then all three girls and four boys bust in the room. Neither of us have the chance to move.

“Yeah Harmony! Get some!” Carter and Bekah yell.

“Go Niall! Thatta boy!” Harry yells.

“You guys, we were just laying here, shut up!” I spat back.

“Suuure. Harry made pancakes. Hurry up you two. Food!” Ellie says laughing as they all go back down stairs.

“Harmony?” He asks as soon as they’re all gone.

“Yea?” I say and look up at him.

“I erm… uh.. like you.” He says with a smirky grin.

“I like you too.” I say with a smile. 

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