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Harry's POV

I still can't believe I did that yesterday, the butterflies that were in my stomach turned into eagles. Constantly flapping every time I blushed, which is all the time now. It seems like cameron has been avoiding me now, but at least I still have boobear..

Louis came running with his arms wide open,silly Louis. I played along and ran to him, with my arms open. Turns out Louis wasn't running to me he was running to the pizza guy. So I well umm kinda ended up on the floor. ''honeybee why are you on the floor?'' he asked sitting on my back. ''oh no reason, just carpet inspecting.'' I said glancing up at him.

Zayns POV

''my gosh guys get a room.'' I rolled my eyes at the two of them. They take this Larry stylinson thing way too seriously. ''louis get off of him.'' I scolded, ''but what if I don't want to?'' he grinned at me. ''louis don't make me count to three.'' . Lou still wouldn't budge I sighed ''1....2...'' I was almost at three when Louis dove off of Harry's back and rolled into another room. ''thanks Zayn.'' harry groaned.

Liams POV

'' step ball, change, step ball, change.'' I called to cameron from her desk,''liam its hopeless, I can't dance.'' cameron pouted throwing herself onto the bed. I sat beside her ''if I can teach zayn, I can teach you.'' .''im gonna go get showered, I smell like a dead bird.'' she said walking towards her bathroom. I left so she could get showered, ''my god, she's bad at dancing.'' I said to myself.

Cameron's POV

I stepped in the shower, and started singing at the top of my lungs. ''im at a pay phone, trying to call home all of my change that I've spent on you.'' my phone started ringing so I grabbed my towel, and walked out. I tumbled over my dance mat and into nialls arms, ''im not looking! I'm not looking!'' he yelled. ''niall I'm in a towel, now let go of me so I can get my clothes.'' I said in a annoyed tone. Niall released, I grabbed a tee shirt, and shorts. ''okay I'm dressed, now tell me why the hail you are in my room.'' . ''i was told to give you this, I was going to slip

It under the door... but you fell on me.'' he blushed, handing me my lyrics. I'm in a music group, with bob and some other people. ''thanks niall, now please leave.'' he exited my room with a blush still plastered to his face.

I sat on the floor for a while, then I realized FUDGE my phone! My foot got stuck on something that niall tracked into my room, I stretched out my other leg and grabbed the phone with my toes. I was dropped it next to me, now let's see who was worth all of this trouble. The caller ID read *Dr. Ringo*, my freakin gosh all this trouble for my mother flippen doctor. I tossed my '''' phone on the bed, aw gammit I'm still stuck here. ''harry! I need you!'' I screamed, hours later

still no response. Turns out he was at nandos with niall, and didn't get me any. That boy is gonna pay.

''harry! Please come! I need you!'' I screamed harder, finally he popped his head into my room. ''something wrong?'' he asked, ''im stuck.'' I pouted. ''guess its super hazza to the rescue.'' harry said placing his hands on his hips. ''oh shut up and help me!'' my voice cracked slightly, from all of my screaming. He rushed to my side, putting his hands around my waist. ''harry not helping...'' I sighed, ''go get something to unstick me, there should be a shoe slip over there.'' After a few pinches and pulls I was free, ''free at last!'' I yelled.


Harry's POV

I looked down at the floor, ''umm cameron?'' I said avoiding looking into her eyes. ''yes harry?'' she tilted my chin up. ''s-sorry about yesterday, calling you babe.'' as I spoke the eagles returned to my belly, and were flapping at full speed. ''dont worry about it...'' she shot me a smile, that struck me straight in the heart. I felt a warm sensation, throughout my body and I could immediately tell that there was a blush on my face. My feet took control, I was on my way out the door.

I ran as fast as I could down the stairs, and took a leap onto the couch. The little voice in my head kept saying, 'there was your chance buddy, you could've snogged her' . I could never snog her, she's much to delicate for something as sloppy as that. But then again, a quick snog could help my love sickness. I called the boys in for an emergency meeting, outside in the pool.

''ok boys you all know why I've called you here.'' I said in a stern tone, ''umm actually we don't.'' Zayn said scratching the back of his head. My face turned red again,''i need advice, its about ca-'' I was interrupted by all four of the boys hitting me with pool noodles. ''ask her out you idiot!'' they yelled in unison, still attacking me. ''fine! Now quit roughing me up.'' I growled.

There is only one problem with my plan, I've never asked a girl out. I've had one night stands but that's pretty much it. Well here I go..... I walked upstairs and knocked on her door. She opened the door with a smile on her face. ''cameron will you go out with me?'' I nearly choked on my words. Her face was expressionless for a while ''can I let you know tomorrow?''. ''s-sure.'' I stuttered, she shut the door. Leaving me breathless sitting by her door....


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