Once I got home my parents locked me in my room and told me to get rid of all my posters of BVB, A7X and Slipknot, they told me to wipe all my dark make up off and told me to get rid of all my band merch and my other black clothes and told me to never go near this 'emo nonsense', to keep me from seeing Will they took away my phone and my laptop and told me that I was never going to see that boy again. There was no point trying to reason with them, they wouldn't listen and when I told them I love him, my mother walked out the room and locked the door behind her, I could hear my parents arguing behind the door.

"You are not seriously considering let Emma-Lee see that boy?" my mother said to my father angrily.

"Well, I think we should just give him a chance, we don't even know anything about him" My father replies back with.

"You saw what he looked like, dark clothes, eyeliner, bright pink hair and tattoos all over his body, and I don't seem to remember you hesitating when you punched him in the face"  said my mother.

"That's because I was angry at the fact he had taken my daughters innocence, but now I realised that Emma-Lee is not a little girl anymore" said my father.

"She's only 16 years old, she's not even left school yet" said my mother. "I heard that my boss Kate was looking for a girlfriend for her son Jason, he's the same age as Emma-Lee, he's got a lot more going for himself and he's not into that whole goth/emo phase, it might knock some sense into her."

I drop to the floor because I realised that my worse nightmare has come true, Will would be taken away from and I'll have to be put with this pansy ass mommas boy who speaks all posh and drinks champagne in his leopard print private jet.

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