Alone with You

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Alone with You

When I noticed Tristan slip into the gathering of people a little while ago, knowing that he was now actually here like I hoped he would be, made my heart skip a beat. He nodded his head at the few he knew, and even stopped to talk to a group of soldiers as he came to them. He moved through the small crowd with so much ease, his height and comanding presence making him stand out from the rest. I tried not to keep looking at him, but it was impossible. He kept making his way forward until he wasn't too far from me; he then leaned his shoulder against one of the tent poles and hadn't moved since. I could feel him watching me, and instead of making me feel uncomfortable as it had before, I actually felt comforted that he was there.

Before leaving the beach tonight, I wasn't sure about my decision to come here, especially when the clouds started to drift over again in the afternoon. I stood at the opening of our humble dwelling for a long time, until hearing the excited chatter of Cassie and Mags returning from town. When I came across them earlier on the path, on my way back to the beach, Cassie pushed past me, ready to run all the way into town when I told her who was there. It was a bitter sweet feeling, knowing that Edan was somewhat alright, but still confined the way he was. And until I walked here to the tents with Beth tonight, we talked of our reunions with our brother, and it made my spirit lighten thinking that I would see him again tomorrow.

Mags agreed with me that it was a good idea to come here tonight to thank Tristan, if he showed up. If he had any kind of influence on who was in what chain gang, he might be able to help us get Edan out of his.

So tonight, I decided served many purposes, firstly to thank Tristan, and then try and talk to him about how I could get my brother back, and why he never mentioned he might be able to conjure a way for me to see him, before. Also, I the needed money tonights visit wold make, and as I looked down at the pile of coins in front of me, I smiled to myself thinking that not only is Hallie going to be able to see Edan tomorrow, she will be able to choose her own blanket too.

As I finished the song Come Live with Me, I felt a few drops of rain touch my cheeks and knew it was time to finish, or get caught in the imminent storm.

"Thank you again Red can I give you some of this?" I asked, bending down to gather my earnings, and drop them into my coin pouch. I had a feeling Red would turn my offering down again, and I knew it was terrible to hope that he would, but I asked anyway.

"Just enough for a drink Avalyn, listening to your sweet voice is worth coming down here, to play. You should come and sing more often."

"Oh I don't know about that." Giggling at the wink Red gave me, I placed a few coins in his hand, and shrieked as a crack of thunder sounded from the direction of the ocean. I turned quickly back to my task, rushing to secure my earnings and startled again when I found Tristan doing it for me.

"Tristan you don't have to do this."

"I know, but I want to help." And just as he pulled on the strings and placed the pouch in my hand, the heavens opened, letting out what felt like, a torrent of rain. Tristan grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

"Come on," I didn't argue, I didn't want to get too wet.

With my hand held over my head in a feeble attempt to ward off the heavy drops, we ran across the small clearing and through the tents on the other side, making our way between the rows, then turning left towards the market.

"Where are we going?" I asked slightly out of breath at the pace he set for us. Tristan turned and smiled at me, then tugged my hand again to follow him; I giggled, while trying to keep up as we ran. . His smile did strange things to me, and I trusted him.

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